Submitted by Donnie Parsons,

RPHS Principal & A.D.

Well, we made it to winter break! First semester of the 2020-21 school year has necessitated that our school and community embark on paths never before trekked.

In a year plagued with negativity and bad news, I’d like to put the spotlight on some positive happenings that may have been overlooked. Teachers and support staff have reworked curricula to make learning possible for students that cannot attend in-person classes. Coaches have remained flexible in running virtual practices and facilitating travel plans that are in line with state and local expectations. Organization and activity sponsors have acclimated to guidelines that have forced many of our annual events to look very different. Custodial staff has met the Herculean task of keeping facilities sanitized for students, staff, and outside visitors. Students at RPHS have proven to be admirably resilient in the face of ever-changing daily protocols, updates to virtual instruction, and totally reworked expectations of social interactions. Parents have done their very best to provide the needed support that our current situation demands of them. Support for our school from small businesses and community members has not waivered through all of this.

I am optimistic that our grandparents will soon be able to attend athletic events, that students will again be able to give out birthday hugs, and that “distance learning” will no longer be in our daily vernacular. Until then – I will be thankful for and proudly do what I can to support our students, teachers, staff, parents, and community members for the truly remarkable response to these highly unusual times.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. Go Big Blue!