Conley Frieden with HK Scholz Company, Ralston, Nebraska, is working on the re-closing breaker system. This is the system that will kick out the circuit when a fault is detected, like a tree branch on a power line. This system is designed to try to re-close the circuit three times before kick-out. That is why your lights blink three times before going out.

In a small white building next to what everyone knows as the “city light plant” on the south end of Main Street is the city’s switch gear system. The building has been there since 1978 and over the years, as upgrades were made, things were slowly removed from the old light plant and moved over to the new building.

During an upgrade, maintenance to the re-closing breaker monitoring system and rebuilding of the main circuit breaker are being done. This hasn’t been done since they were installed, which is supposed to be done every five years. Currently, a temporary breaker has been installed to allow the old one to be rebuilt. Rebuilding of a circuit breaker will take two days, so on Thursday, January 7, 2021, they will be replacing the temporary with the rebuilt one and performing addition maintenance which will take the power down to most of Rock Port.