The Fairfax R-3 School Board met December 17, 2020, in the school library. Mike Lewis called the meeting to order at 6:36 p.m. Present were Sam O’Riley, Jon Graves, Chris Smith, Miles Smith, Brett Johnson, and Josh Oswald. Others present were Fairfax R-3 Superintendent Jeremy Burright, Fairfax K-12 Principal Dustin Barnes, and Fairfax R-3 Secretary Karen Burke.

The agenda was approved.

The financial report was reviewed. County CARES money has not been added to YTD income ($33,000), the school has not bought a van this year ($26,500), and student activity expenditures and revenue were higher last year.

The monthly reconciliation, budget comparison report, and fund balance report were reviewed. It was noted that revenues are lower by approximately $29,000 and expenditures are higher by approximately $47,000.

The December monthly bills in the amount of $143,972.68 were reviewed and approved for payment.

Special Report: Lease Purchase Update ($10,407.91)

Superintendent’s Report

Dr. Burright reported on the State of the Budget and 2021-22 Projections:

Budget Comparison and Outlook December 2020 – approximately $27,000 in the black.

Next year with 2% increase across the board for payroll:

• Estimated Revenues $2,102,260


• Federal Title: From $35,340 in 2018-19 to $52,168 in 2020-21

• Federal SDAC: From $2,397 in 2018-19 to $11,056 in 2019-20.

• Local Preschool: Making preschool a full day would increase the school’s revenue by $12,600 ($200 per month instead of $100). This is not included in the calculation.

• No withholdings from the state.

Estimated Expenditures: $2,075,229

• Includes 2% raise for certified staff

• Includes $.84 raise for hourly (minimum wage to $11.15)

• No special projects from general revenue.

• No additional staff positions.


Transportation Update: They are still waiting on bus 17. It was taken to MC Auto for an electrical issue with the emergency alarm.

Board elections: Terms for Jon Graves and Chris Smith will end in 2021. Board packets are available in the board secretary office. The last day to file will be January 19, 2021, at 5:00 p.m.

Superintendent eval-ua-tion: Evaluation forms will be sent out via email to board members to respond before the January board meeting.

Principal’s Report

There will be no finals this year. They have been used in the past as comprehensive finals. With so many kids gone for certain amounts of time, distance education, etc. they didn’t think it was fair. In addition, the incentives in place for not taking a final are either attendance based or based on MAP, EOC scores which Fairfax didn’t have.

Spring assessment – MAP and EOC tests will be given this spring, but scores will not count towards Fairfax’s APR. They will be for informational purposes only.

Students and staff have been doing a wonderful job with the new mask mandates and lunch and other procedures that have been put into place.

Special report:

• APR information

• NWEA Local Assess-ments

• Reading Report

Junior high basketball seasons are over. Both teams had nice seasons. The EA girls shared the 275 Conference tournament title.

The girls placed second in the Mound City Tournament.

Prep-arations for the 89th annual Fairfax Tournament are under way. Plans are to have separate boys’ and girls’ nights and to allow each athlete the ability to bring four spectators. They will attempt to stream the games and will hold pretty close to start times and clear the gym between second and third games of the night. It will be a full eight-team varsity tournament as Falls City Public was added this year.

The consent agenda was approved by all.

Dr. Bur-right reviewed the audit with the board members. It was approved as presented.

Audit payment: Board members voted to approve the audit payment of $2,850 to Conrad and Higgins for audit services.

The regular board meeting adjourned at 7:35 p.m. The next regular board meeting will be Thursday, January 21, 2021, at 6:30 p.m.