Fairfax R-3 School has announced its perfect attendance for the second quarter, October 19 through December 18, 2020. Students who did not miss a day of school include:

Smart Steps Preschoolers – Paisleigh Daugherty, Ayden Harber, Lucy Heck, Jo Hurst, Brooks Mayall, Brock Peters, Ellee Salmond, Annistyn Schebaum, and Garrett Wintz

Kindergarteners – Jonah Long and Alan Pickard

First graders – Aspyn Fast and Adelynn Giddinge

Second graders – Wendy Hurst, Ava Oswald, Alex Pickard, Patrick Wheeler, and Parker Woodring

Third graders – Alex Wintz and Lela Wright

Fourth graders – Deyton Burke, Brenna Kingery, Riley Koop, Caroline Larson, and Jude Long

Fifth grader – Jaxson Smith

Sixth graders – Trenton Frohn, Mason Kingery, Kenneth Kirkpatrick, and Johnathan Pickard

Seventh grade – Braylon Foster

Eighth graders – Levi Brown, KayDee Duering, Cowen O’Riley, and Grace Oswald

Freshmen – Collin Hedlund, Trenton Kingery, and Jasey Smith

Sophomores –  Carsyn Green-Sillers, Zackery King, and Cameron Oswald

Juniors – Nghi Dinh

Seniors – Gena Mitchell

Students who had perfect attendance for the first semester of the school year were Kaydee Duering, Cowen O’Riley, Jasey Smith, Carsyn Green-Sillers, and Nighi Dinh.