The Fairfax R-3 School Board held a regular meeting March 17, 2021. Mike Lewis called the meeting to order at 6:30 p.m. Also present were: Sam O’Riley, Chris Smith, Josh Oswald, Brett Johnson, Mike Lewis, and Miles Smith, board members; Jeremy Burright, superintendent; Dustin Barnes, principal; Karen Burke, secretary; and Lauren Clark and Twilla Clark, CTA representatives. Jon Graves was absent.


A $25 donation for the playground fund was received from Gregg and Lori Smith and classmates in memory of Deene Lawrence.


The agenda was approved as presented.

Consent Agenda

Action taken included: approval of minutes of the February 18, 2021 regular board meeting, and executive session February 18, 2021.

The financial report was reviewed. Year-to-date revenue for the 2020-21 school year is $2,035,167.00 and expenses are $1,277,704.00.

Governor release of funds will add $20,000 by the end of the year.

Revenue and expenses for the month of February were reviewed. Revenue for February 2021 was $133,876.61  and expenses were $202,836.75

Approximately 59% of the budgeted expenses have been spent.

The current fund balance is $1,828,209, compared to $1,592,416.21 for 2019-20

The March monthly bills in the amount of $85,416.18 were reviewed and approved for payment.

The district still has $6,036 in its lease purchase account.

Superintendent’s Report

General items for building maintenance were discussed including a very rough estimate of refinishing bleachers in the new gym, a sinkhole that will need repaired in the vocational parking area, and a roof leak.

A brief review of the State Board’s conversation around MSIP 6 was shared which included the four goals for MSIP 6:

• Goal 1: Every child is ready for school.

• Goal 2: Every student is reading by the end of the third grade.

• Goal 3: Every student engages in high-quality relevant learning experiences.

• Goal 4: Every student is prepared for postsecondary experiences.

Also shared was the potential change in district evaluation based on survey data along with our current quantitative data.

At this time Fairfax R-3 will continue without any changes to the COVID plan in place. In a recent survey of school districts, the majority of districts still had mask mandates in place. The DHSS, CDC, DESE, and the office of the governor have not changed their recommendations. Currently, if both parties are masked while in close contact, only the COVID-positive individual has to quarantine.

Principal’s Report

The K-12 master schedule  is being finalized for next year and Mrs. Hedlund is working on scheduling and four-year plans with students.

FFA contest season is starting up. Several contests and competitions are planned in the next month.

The school play is set for March 27.

MAP and EOC testing will be taking place in the middle to the end of April.

Prom will be held on Saturday, April 10.

NWEA / DIBELS Winter Benchmark Data was reviewed: 61% of students are meeting mid-year benchmark goals, and 61% of students met these goals last year.  Fairfax R-3 had several students one point off of meeting mid-year goals; 95% of the students showed growth; 62.3% of students met mid-year reading goals while 62.8% met last year.

Textbook and curricular requests will start in April.

Winter sports have concluded. Mr. Barnes acknowledged athletes receiving post-season recognition. Several wrestlers qualified for sectionals. Jarrett Spinnato, Braden Graves, and Natalie Hedlund received All-275 Conference basketball honors, and Mercedes Parshall and Morgan Parshall were also selected for All-District basketball honors.

Mr. Barnes gave a review of spring sports and the number of participants: Scholar Bowl, 7; Junior High Boys’ Track, 16 (3 from Fairfax); Junior High Girls’ Track, 10 (3 from Fairfax); High School Boys’ Track, 8 (0 from Fairfax); High School Girls’ Track, 11 (1 from Fairfax); Baseball, 13 (6 from Fairfax). There is no high school boys’ golf team this year.

All teams will have separate banquets this year. The winter sports banquets for wrestling, basketball, and cheer will take place soon.

The consent agenda was approved.

New Business

The salary scale that was provided to the board reflects a 2% increase to the base and has been included in the budget projections. Board members voted unanimously to approve the 2020-2021 certified salary schedule as presented.

Two bids were received for lawn care for the school’s facilities. Board members unanimously approved the bid from Craig McAdams for mowing services only at $480 per mowing.

Board members voted to approve a contract with Soliant Healthcare for Speech Language Pathologist Cammie Heflin at $70 per hour.

Preschool tuition will increase to $250 per month for the 2021-22 year. This is the first increase in many years and reflects the move to full-day preschool and the lack of preschool tuition increases in roughly a decade. Board members voted to increase the cost of preschool tuition to $250 per month.

Board members voted unanimously to increase the base hourly rate for non-certified staff to $11.15.

They also voted to approve the gym floor refinishing services from Meyer Floors at the cost of $1,132.95.

Board members voted to transfer $52,028.48 from Fund 1 to Fund 4.  (This is primarily the lease purchase payment.)

The senior trip itinerary was approved as presented.

The next regular board meeting will be Thursday, April 15, 2021 at 6:30 p.m.

The board meeting was adjourned at 7:57 p.m.