The Blessing House at Fairfax United Methodist Church provides food and essentials to anyone in need.

The Fairfax United Methodist Church’s “Blessing House” continues to be a blessing to many in need. The little house was a creation of love: “Those who leave items are blessed enough to be able to do so and those who need those items are blessed that they are there for the taking.”

The pantry space holds canned goods, crackers, small snacks, nonperishables, toiletries, and other necessities that help people get through these trying times. The extra food and items that won’t fit in the blessing house are stored on a shelf in the elevator door entrance to the church. Many used the blessing house to get through this past year of COVID-19 closures, job unemployment, store stock shortages, etc. In the beginning, the congregation was providing all the food, but as the word has spread, community members and people from surrounding towns are stopping by to put their own donations in. Even the local dentist has donated toothbrushes and toothpaste.

The “Take what you need, give what you can . . . above all, be BLESSED” idea began in January of 2018 with the church’s ministry team. It took a few years to see the idea into fruition and then thanks to the free, blessing house build job of Darrell Wiley, it was up and going by the spring of 2019. People are so thankful to have this available to them, as the nearest food pantry is seven miles away by car. Some people are not able to travel, so this makes up for that.

The blessing house is a gift that keeps on giving and the church encourages anyone in need to stop by and use it. The blessing house is located next to the elevator door on the northwest corner of the church, which is located on Broad Street in Fairfax. It is available 24-7.