Alivia Baucom took first place in both the shot put and discus at Blue Jay Relays and also won the Milton Reid Award.

Macie Hale passes the baton to anchor Aubrey Watkins during the 4 x 800 meter relay.

Micah Makings reaches for anchor Gabriel Abbott in the 4 x 200 meter relay which placed fourth.

Aubrey Watkins slides off the track after handing off the baton to Rylee Jenkins, the third leg of the 4 x 400 meter relay.

Colten Stevens finished the day with a put of 10.13 meters.

Cayden Criger had a throw of 31.50 meters to place eighth in the discus.

Caleb Lucas looks to cut in after crossing the line on the back stretch during the 1600 meter run. Caleb placed fourth.

Brecken Kelly placed fourth with a vault of 2.74 meters.

Going in to the 200 meter mark, Keena Merriweather already has a lead on the field. Keena placed first in the 400 meter run with a time of 1:04.48.

EA’s Brooklyn Wennihan heads down the back stretch during the 1600 meter run. Brooklyn placed sixth.

Daniel Lesher came in fourth in the 3200 meter run with a time of 11:24.14.

Dalaynie Drummond attempts the pole vault.

Addison Noland passes the baton to Alexis Bywater in the 4 x 200 meter relay that placed fifth.

Sophia Martin, second leg, has a good exchange with Tommi Martin to help the Lady Wolves bring home a first place in the 4 x 400 meter relay.

The Rock Port Blue Jays hosted the 53rd annual Blue Jay Relays April 13, 2021, at Blue Jay Stadium.

The Worth County (WC) girls’ team won the meet with 99 points. Other team rankings and scores were: 2nd, East Atchison (EA), 86; 3rd, Rock Port (RP), 68; 4th, Platte Valley (PV), 67; 5th, Albany (A), 53; 6th, St. Joseph Christian (SJC), 49; 7th, Stanberry (S), 45; 8th, South Holt (SH), 38; 9th, Union Star (US), 24; 10th, North Nodaway (NN), 19; 11th, Northeast Nodaway (NEN), 17; 12th, Mound City (MC), 12; and 13th, West Nodaway (WN), 6.

The Stanberry (S) and Mound City (MC) boys’ teams tied for first place with 118 each. Other team rankings and scores were: 3rd, Worth County (WC), 110; 4th, Rock Port (RP), 53; 5th, Albany (A), 40; 6th, South Holt (SH), 36; 7th, West Nodaway (WN), 35; 8th, Union Star (US), 20; 9th, St. Joseph Christian (SJC), 18; 10th, East Atchison (EA), 17; 11th, Platte Valley (PV), 13; 12th, Northeast Nodaway (NEN), 11; and 13th, North Nodaway (NN), 3.

Three new Blue Jay Relays records were set at this year’s meet. Brooklyn Miller of St. Joseph Christian set two records, one in the high jump and the other in the javelin throw. She jumped 1.70m (5’6.9”) breaking the high jump record of 5’4.50” set by Tierney Eaton of Worth County in 2004. Brooklyn also threw the javelin 39.45m (129’4.2”) breaking the record of 101’11.5” set by Paige Quilty of Mound City in 2018. Tyler Blay of Westboro broke a 40-year record in the 3200 meter run when he ran a time of 9:50.45, breaking Mike Nielsen’s record of 10:23.10.

Alivia Baucom earned 20 individual points and received the 2021 Milton Reid Award.

Results of the track meet are as follows:


Shot Put – 1st, Alivia Baucom (RP), 11.58m; 2nd, Maggie Collins (PV), 11.53m; 3rd, Kara-Jean Staton (WC), 10.06m; 4th, Brooklyn Miller (SJC), 9.96m; 5th, Jenna Mason (PV), 9.37m; 6th, Ali Brown (WC), 9.22m; 7th, Journey Lyons (US), 9.17m; 8th, Mikayla Makings (RP), 9.09m; 9th (tie), Zoey Guinn (A), 8.97m, and Kiley Mattson (S), 8.97m; 11th, Kaylee Neville (A), 8.51m; 12th, Dalanie Auffert (NEN), 8.43m; 13th, Gracelyn Gracie Marsh (SJC), 8.08m; 14th, Jayden Gust (S), 7.87m; 15th, Zoey Prussman (SH), 7.78m; 16th, Emily Rickkets (WN), 6.76m; 17th, Hannah Clausen (US), 6.60m; 18th, Lucardia Hendricks (NN), 6.17m; 19th, Teegan Parsons (SH), 6.15m

Discus Throw – 1st, Alivia Baucom (RP), 35.26m; 2nd, Kara-Jean Staton (WC), 30.30m; 3rd, Rylee Jenkins (RP), 29.06m; 4th, Journey Lyons (US), 27.03m; 5th, Blair Stoll (PV), 25.12m; 6th, Emma Mercer (A), 23.98m; 7th, Kiley Mattson (S), 23.72m; 8th, Zoey Prussman (SH), 23.57m; 9th, Grace Voga (SJC), 23.55m; 10th, Brielle Smith (SJC), 22.78m; 11th, Jenna Mason (PV), 22.35m; 12th, Bailey Long (MC), 21.69m; 13th, Gracie Holcomb (A), 21.64m; 14th, Emily Rickkets (WN), 21.00m; 15th (tie), Dalanie Auffert (NEN), 20.40m, and Taylor Sanders (WC), 20.40m

High Jump – 1st, Brooklyn Miller (SJC), 1.70m; 2nd, Faith Anderson (EA), 1.65m; 3rd, Lexi Craig (S), 1.50m; 4th, Saryn Brown (NN), 1.45m; 5th, Aivry Griffin (WC), 1.40m; 6th, Addison Noland (EA), 1.20m

Triple Jump – 1st, Abigail Troncin (A), 9.61m; 2nd, Brianna Biondo (SH), 9.03m; 3rd, Kayley Hauber (PV), 8.94m; 4th, Braidy Hunt (WC), 8.81m; 5th, Gracie Wilson (A), 8.61m; 6th, Lauren Herndon (NN), 8.48m; 7th, Justina Wimer (WC), 8.41m

Long Jump – 1st, Katlyn James (S), 4.51m; 2nd, Abigail Troncin (A), 4.50m; 3rd, Keena Merriweather (EA), 4.27m; 4th, Malia Collins (PV), 4.21m; 5th, Jaci Jorgensen (SJC), 4.06m; 6th, Saryn Brown (NN), 4.00m; 7th, Rebecca Smith (WC), 3.79m; 8th, Jill Boswell (NEN), 3.66m; 9th, Gracie Wilson (A), 3.59m; 10th, Lauren McIntyre (NEN), 3.58m; 11th, Aivry Griffin (WC), 3.53m; 12th, Jacquelyn Cline (NN), 3.44m; 13th, Brooklyn Wennihan (EA), 3.38m

Pole Vault – 1st, Keelin Engel (WC), 3.05m; 2nd, Katlyn James (S), 2.29m; 3rd, Ava Barnes (MC), 2.13m; 4th, Sophia Martin (EA), 1.84m; 5th, Paige Sherer (WC), 1.83m

Javelin Throw – 1st, Brooklyn Miller (SJC), 39.45m; 2nd, Lexi Craig (S), 33.78m; 3rd, Journey Lyons (US), 31.62m; 4th, Ali Brown (WC), 30.30m; 5th, Madeline Ferguson (PV), 28.68m; 6th, Tommi Martin (EA), 28.52m; 7th, Maggie Collins (PV), 27.43m; 8th, Kaylee Neville (A), 26.34m; 9th, Kiley Mattson (S), 26.26m; 10th, Zoey Guinn (A), 26.06m; 11th, Autumn Cousatte (WC), 24.31m; 12th, Claire Martin (EA), 22.28m; 13th, Angela Standiford (NEN), 20.96m

4×800 Meter Relay – 1st, East Atchison, (Keena Merriweather, Sophia Martin, Claire Martin, Tommi Martin), 11:25.30; 2nd, Rock Port (Chaney Vogler, Harlee Pritt, Macie Hale, Aubrey Watkins), 12:21.71

100 Meter Hurdles – 1st, Morgan Beagle (WC), 17.59; 2nd, Brooklyn Richardson (WC), 18.22; 3rd, Jaci Jorgensen (SJC), 22.13; 4th, Addison Noland (EA), 22.67

100 Meter Dash – 1st, Lily Wilson (A), 13.59; 2nd, Kayley Hauber (PV), 13.83; 3rd, Faith Anderson (EA), 13.84; 4th, Mara Mitchell (US), 13.95; 5th, Sadie Runde (S), 14.24; 6th, Ameris Davis (A), 15.15; 7th, Gracelyn Gracie Marsh (SJC), 15.51; 8th, Brianna Biondo (SH), 15.60; 9th, Aivry Griffin (WC), 15.67; 10th, Lauren McIntyre (NEN), 15.71; 11th, Taelyn Derks (S), 17.19

4×200 Meter Relay – 1st, Albany (Lily Wilson, Abigail Troncin, Torrie Runyan, Claire Manring), 1:56.80; 2nd, Worth County (Hailey Adwell, Rebecca Smith, Morgan Beagle, Braidy Hunt), 1:59.44; 3rd, Rock Port (Mikayla Makings, Chaney Vogler, Rylee Jenkins, Makenna Farmer), 2:01.42; 4th, Northeast Nodaway (Jill Boswell, Lauren McIntyre, Ruby Wilmes, Anne Schieber), 2:03.90; 5th, East Atchison (Dalaynie Drummond, Kendal Straub, Addison Noland, Alexis Bywater), 2:17.16

1600 Meter Run – 1st, Reese Morris (SH), 6:09.88; 2nd, Aubrey Watkins (RP), 6:18.77; 3rd, Olivia Prussman (SH), 6:28.71; 4th, Andrea Riley (PV), 6:37.80; 5th, Reagan Hagey (WN), 6:43.45; 6th, Brooklyn Wennihan (EA), 6:47.02; 7th, Emmie Akers (MC), 6:51.30; 8th, Katelyn Stoll (S), 6:51.36; 9th, Mackenzie Brown (MC), 6:56.14; 10th, Hayleigh Vinzant (NN), 7:08.04; 11th, Harlee Pritt (RP), 7:29.80; 12th, Nikola Smith (SJC), 7:45.98; 13th, Victoria Cline (SJC), 8:04.01

4×100 Meter Relay – 1st, Albany (Lily Wilson, Abigail Troncin, Torrie Runyan, Claire Manring), 54.57; 2nd, Worth County (Hailey Adwell, Brooklyn Richardson, Rebecca Smith, Morgan Beagle), 55.95; 3rd, Platte Valley (Malia Collins, Stephanie Turpin, Maggie Collins, Kayley Hauber), 56.03; 4th, Rock Port (Mikayla Makings, Rachel Vogler, Rylee Jenkins, Makenna Farmer), 57.82; 5th, East Atchison (Dalaynie Drummond, Kendal Straub, Addison Noland, Claire Martin), 1:02.87

400 Meter Dash – 1st, Keena Merriweather (EA), 1:03.53; 2nd, Malia Collins (PV), 1:06.16; 3rd, Charlee Stanley (SJC), 1:06.99; 4th, Jill Boswell, (NEN), 1:07.34; 5th, Braidy Hunt (WC), 1:07.77; 6th, Jacquelyn Cline (NN), 1:11.93; 7th, Autumn Cousatte (WC), 1:12.04; 8th, Kaydense Martin (SH), 1:22.53; 9th, Sylvia Redmond (S), 1:23.52

300 Meter Hurdles – 1st, Faith Anderson (EA), 53.06; 2nd, Brooklyn Richardson (WC), 54.87; 3rd, Saryn Brown (NN), 56.64; 4th, Lauren Herndon (NN), 57.13; 5th, Aivry Griffin (WC), 57.65; 6th, Rachel Vogler (RP), 58.05

800 Meter Run – 1st, Tommi Martin (EA), 2:36.31; 2nd, Anne Schieber (NEN), 2:36.39; 3rd, Ava Barnes (MC), 2:39.38; 4th, Hailey Adwell (WC), 2:45.31; 5th, Lexi Craig (S), 2:50.54; 6th, Ruby Wilmes (NEN), 2:52.11; 7th, Olivia Prussman (SH), 3:00.08; 8th, Andrea Riley (PV), 3:02.18; 9th, Makayla Bohart (SH),3:02.34; 10th, Macie Hale (RP), 3:02.41; 11th, Katelyn Stoll (S), 3:18.98; 12th, Hayleigh Vinzant (NN), 3:24.80; 13th, Nikola Smith (SJC), 3:26.35; 14th, Victoria Cline (SJC), 3:42.88

200 Meter Dash – 1st, Mara Mitchell (US), 28.38; 2nd, Kayley Hauber (PV), 29.00; 3rd, Brooklyn Miller (SJC), 29.21; 4th, Charlee Stanley (SJC), 30.05; 5th, Katlyn James (S), 30.14; 6th, Makenna Farmer (RP), 30.50; 7th, Claire Manring (A), 30.75; 8th, Jill Boswell (NEN), 30.82; 9th, Rebecca Smith (WC), 31.82; 10th, Chaney Vogler (RP), 32.73; 11th, Vivian Laird (A), 32.97; 12th, Zoey McQuate (US), 34.81

3200 Meter Run – 1st, Reese Morris (SH), 13:13.85; 2nd, Aubrey Watkins (RP), 13:49.26; 3rd, Andrea Riley (PV), 14:34.80; 4th, Makayla Bohart (SH), 14:49.27; 5th, Reagan Hagey (WN), 14:58.58; 6th, Brooklyn Wennihan (EA), 15:45.74; 7th, Hayleigh Vinzant (NN), 16:32.82

4×400 Meter Relay – 1st, East Atchison (Sophia Martin, Claire Martin, Tommi Martin, Keena Merriweather), 4:28.36; 2nd, Worth County (Hailey Adwell, Morgan Beagle, Brooklyn Richardson, Braidy Hunt), 4:31.82; 3rd, Rock Port (Macie Hale, Rylee Jenkins, Makenna Farmer, Aubrey Watkins), 4:48.61; 4th, Stanberry (Letah Angle, Lexi Craig, Amelia Wallace, Sadie Runde), 4:57.25; 5th, North Nodaway (Saryn Brown, Jacquelyn Cline, Lauren Herndon, Hayleigh Vinzant), 5:10.17


Shot Put – 1st, Austin Colvin (S), 15.57m; 2nd, Hayden Elifrits (SH), 14.76m; 3rd, Creed Wilcox (NEN), 12.95m; 4th, James Herr (SH), 12.27m; 5th, Jase Latham (WC), 12.04m; 6th, Jackson Runde (WC), 11.71m; 7th, Seth Greenwell (A), 11.15m; 8th, Dakota Dilley (NN), 11.00m; 9th, Dylan Wilmes (NEN), 10.64m; 10th, Brentyn Herron (RP), 10.57m; 11th, Devin Williams-Patton (A), 10.26m; 12th, Colten Stevens (RP), 10.13m; 13th, Kaedon Showers (S), 8.94m; 14th, Rhylan Hall (MC), 8.86m; 15th, Gabe Hevelone (NN), 8.61m

Discus Throw – 1st, Austin Colvin (S), 43.66m; 2nd, Ethan Mercer (A), 38.89m; 3rd, Hayden Elifrits (SH), 37.67m; 4th, Jackson Runde (WC), 37.16m; 5th, Sawyer Cross (A), 34.54m; 6th, Dylan Wilmes (NEN), 33.17m; 7th, Devin Karr (US), 31.80m; 8th, Cayden Criger (RP), 31.50m; 9th, Colten Stevens (RP), 31.29m; 10th, Dakota Dilley (NN), 29.98m; 11th, Jacob Dierberger (US), 29.97m; 12th, Jase Latham (WC), 28.37m; 13th, Creed Wilcox (NEN), 28.04m; 14th, Austin Schwebach (S), 26.06m; 15th, Noah Oswald (MC), 25.45m

High Jump – 1st, Landon Poppa (MC), 1.93m; 2nd, Kaylin Merriweather (EA), 1.80m; 3rd, Trey Peshek (RP), 1.70m; 4th, John Galanakis (WC), 1.65m; 5th (tie), Brayden Dillivan (A), 1.60m, and Ben Messner (S), 1.60m

Triple Jump – 1st, Tony Osburn (MC), 11.48m; 2nd, Jace Cousatte (WC), 10.74m; 3rd, Micah Makings (RP), 10.16m; 4th, Tyler New (WC), 9.84m; 5th, Corbyn Rucker (NN), 9.59m; 6th, Hunter Bennett (EA), 9.55m; 7th, Ian Stepp (EA), 9.46m; 8th, Brayden Hahn (S), 9.33m; 9th, Matthew Rieger (MC), 9.25m

Long Jump – 1st, Tony Osburn (MC), 5.72m; 2nd, Colby McQuinn (S), 5.58m; 3rd, Brayden Dillivan (A), 5.42m; 4th, Brent Harris (WC), 5.23m; 5th, Joseph Tate 12 (A), 5.18m; 6th, Timothy Richardson (WC), 5.11m; 7th (tie), Brody Scroggins (SH), and Ben Messner (S), 4.79m; 9th, Eric Miller (US), 4.67m; 10th, Ian Stepp (EA), 4.56m; 11th, Camden Beck (PV), 4.47m; 12th, Devin Karr (US), 4.17m; 13th, Matthew Rieger (MC), 4.00m

Pole Vault – 1st, Nathan Adwell (WC), 3.96m; 2nd, Aydan Gladstone (WC), 3.35m; 3rd, Tony Osburn (MC), 3.20m; 4th, John Kelly (RP), 2.74m; 5th, Peyton Hume (S), 2.13m

Javelin Throw – 1st, James Herr (SH), 42.19m; 2nd, Austin Colvin (S), 38.56m; 3rd, Ethan Mercer (A), 37.95m; 4th, Trey Peshek (RP), 37.29m; 5th, David Stubbs (US), 34.52m; 6th, Dawson Vore (NEN), 34.29m; 7th, Austin Schwebach (S), 33.66m; 8th, Nathan Miller (US), 31.62m; 9th, John Galanakis (WC), 31.30m; 10th, Tyler New (WC), 30.81m; 11th, Rhylan Hall (MC), 29.90m

4×800 Meter Relay – 1st, Mound City (Keaton Zembles, Caedon Messer, Wil Young, Lane Zembles), 8:52.32; 2nd, Stanberry (Colby McQuinn, Brayden Hahn, Austin Schwebach, Tyler Schwebach), 9:17.43; 3rd, Union Star (Eric Miller, Nathan Miller, David Stubbs, Aiden Whorton), 9:41.08; 4th, Platte Valley (Micah Wolf, Jacob Peery, Ethan Holtman, Quenton Manship), 9:41.28

110 Meter Hurdles – 1st, Aydan Gladstone (WC), 17.27; 2nd, Jace Cousatte (WC), 18.07; 3rd, Peyton Hume (S), 19.76; 4th, Stephen Henggeler (S), 20.10; 5th, Hunter Bennett (EA), 20.72; 6th, Jacob Peery (PV), 21.35; 7th, Bryson Tenney (MC), 22.18

100 Meter Dash – 1st, Landon Poppa (MC), 11.40; 2nd, Gavin Cameron (S), 12.09; 3rd, Aydan Gladstone (WC), 12.13; 4th, Joey Herron (RP), 12.53; 5th, Evan Saxton (S), 12.98; 6th, Michael McIntosh (A), 12.99; 7th, Matthew Driskell (EA), 13.27; 8th, Joseph Tate (A), 13.27; 9th, Camden Beck (PV), 13.30; 10th, Jacob Dierberger (US), 13.80; 11th, Caleb King (SJC), 13.84; 12th, Chandler Craig (US), 14.32; 13th, Jaden Jackson (SJC), 15.24

4×200 Meter Relay – 1st, Stanberry (Gavin Cameron, Tucker Schieber, Lance Wallace, Tyler Schwebach), 1:38.59; 2nd, Mound City (Caedon Messer, Tony Osburn, Keaton Zembles, Wil Young), 1:40.18; 3rd, Worth County (Brent Harris, Nathan Adwell, Levi Cassavaugh, Jace Cousatte), 1:40.41; 4th, Rock Port (Joey Herron, Phillip Herron, Micah Makings, Gabe Abbott), 1:44.33; 5th, Platte Valley (Camden Beck, Landen Miller, Ean Meyer, Nicco Labryer), 1:55.04

1600 Meter Run – 1st, Tyler Blay (WN), 4:40.93; 2nd, Lane Zembles (MC), 4:52.11; 3rd, Riley Blay (WN), 4:52.80; 4th, Dawson Fansher (SH), 5:07.69; 5th, Caleb Lucas (RP), 5:30.64; 6th, Nathan Miller (US), 5:31.74; 7th, Daniel Lesher (EA), 5:38.63; 8th, John Fuhrman (SH), 5:39.13; 9th, Eric Miller, Eric 10 (US), 5:40.50; 10th, Corbyn Rucker (NN), 5:46.36; 11th, Brayden Hahn (S), 5:46.42; 12th, Braden Mires (NN), 5:49.21; 13th, Ean Meyer (PV), 5:55.72; 14th, Lane Flint (MC), 6:01.09; 15th, Dakota Evans (RP), 6:19.76; 16th, Kevin Henggeler (PV), 6:23.21; 17th, Thomas Danielson (EA), 6:42.78

4×100 Meter Relay – 1st, Stanberry (Gavin Cameron, Evan Saxton, Lance Wallace, Ben Messner) 48.23; 2nd, Rock Port (Joey Herron, Phillip Herron, Micah Makings, Gabe Abbott), 49.21; 3rd, Worth County (John Galanakis, Brent Harris, Levi Cassavaugh, Braxton Hightshoe), 49.22

400 Meter Dash – 1st, Landon Swavey (SJC), 51.67; 2nd, Wil Young (MC), 53.65; 3rd, Ethan Mercer (A), 55.20; 4th, Levi Cassavaugh (WC), 55.46; 5th, Gabe Abbott (RP), 55.78; 6th, Caedon Messer (MC), 56.45; 7th, Lance Wallace (S), 57.83; 8th, Brody Scroggins (SH), 58.16; 9th, Aiden Whorton (US), 58.52; 10th, Matthew Driskell (EA), 1:01.41; 11th, Trulin Pankau (RP), 1:02.16; 12th, Leo Fletchall (S), 1:02.28; 13th, Caleb King (SJC), 1:03.96; 14th, Ian Stepp (EA), 1:04.60; 15th, Landen Miller (PV), 1:08.65; 16th, Alex Wilson (A), 1:16.96; 17th, Kevin Henggeler (PV), 1:24.50

300 Meter Hurdles – 1st, Jace Cousatte (WC), 44.80; 2nd, Aydan Gladstone (WC), 45.95; 3rd, Phillip Herron (RP), 47.70; 4th, Stephen Henggeler (S), 49.43; 5th, Kodie Meyer (NEN), 50.06; 6th, Hunter Bennett (EA), 52.23; 7th, Bryson Tenney (MC), 52.38; 8th, Peyton Hume (S), 52.64; 9th, Quenton Manship (PV), 54.78; 10th, Trulin Pankau (RP), 56.46

800 Meter Run – 1st, Tyler Schwebach (S), 2:07.58; 2nd, Keaton Zembles (MC), 2:13.44; 3rd, Micah Wolf (PV), 2:16.94; 4th, David Stubbs (US), 2:19.03; 5th, Riley Blay (WN), 2:20.01; 6th, Caleb Lucas (RP), 2:27.48; 7th, John Fuhrman (SH), 2:28.52; 8th, Colby McQuinn (S), 2:31.39; 9th, Troy Popplewell (A), 2:32.02; 10th, Jadon Griffin (MC), 2:32.48; 11th, Corbyn Rucker (NN), 2:35.56; 12th, Conlan Newman (A), 2:39.18; 13th, Ean Meyer (PV), 2:39.38; 14th, Aiden Whorton (US), 2:43.05; 15th, Lyle Giesken (NEN), 2:51.70

200 Meter Dash – 1st, Landon Poppa (MC), 22.81; 2nd, Landon Swavey (SJC), 23.82; 3rd, Gavin Cameron (S), 24.53; 4th, Brayden Dillivan (A), 25.14; 5th, Nathan Adwell (WC), 25.95; 6th, Matthew Driskell (EA), 27.20; 7th, Timothy Richardson (WC), 27.26; 8th, Kodie Meyer (NEN), 27.27; 9th, Camden Beck (PV), 27.68; 10th, Leo Fletchall (S), 27.69; 11th, Landen Allen (NEN), 28.17; 12th, Jacob Dierberger (US), 28.38; 13th, Nathaniel Brown (SJC), 29.37; 14th, Chandler Craig (US), 29.54

3200 Meter Run – 1st, Tyler Blay (WN), 9:50.45; 2nd, Lane Zembles (MC), 10:35.72; 3rd, Duke Ingraham (WN), 10:54.60; 4th, Dawson Fansher (SH), 11:23.55; 5th, Daniel Lesher (EA), 11:24.14; 6th, Quinton Livengood (MC), 12:03.74; 7th, Ethan Holtman (PV), 12:40.99; 8th, Carson Hall (NEN), 12:46.67; 9th, Braden Mires (NN), 12:49.85; 10th, Corbyn Rucker (NN), 13:50.67; 11th, Quenton Manship (PV), 14:13.30; 12th, Thomas Danielson (EA), 14:53.47

4×400 Meter Relay – 1st, Mound City (Lane Zembles, Keaton Zembles, Wil Young, Landon Poppa), 3:45.06; 2nd, Stanberry (Tucker Schieber, Austin Schwebach, Lance Wallace, Tyler Schwebach), 3:46.45; 3rd, Union Star (Eric Miller, Nathan Miller, Aiden Whorton, David Stubbs), 4:00.24; 4th, Rock Port (Phillip Herron, Micah Makings, Joey Herron, Gabe Abbott), 4:00.59; 5th, Worth County (Brent Harris, Levi Cassavaugh, Braxton Hightshoe, John Galanakis), 4:01.63; 6th, Albany (Brayden Dillivan, Troy Popplewell, Joseph Tate, Michael McIntosh) 4:12.38

Blue Jay Relay Meet Records



Shot Put Makayla Vette Rock Port 40’5.25” 2011

Discus Tawna Trail Johnson-Brock 133’10” 2003

Javelin Throw Brooklyn Miller St. Joseph Christian 39.45m 2021

High Jump Brooklyn Miller St. Joseph Christian 1.70m 2021

Long Jump Emily Wedlock Mound City 16’11.75” 2014

Triple Jump Marcy Runkman Worth County 35’6.5” 1996

Pole Vault Jessica Borey Worth County 10’3” 2009

100 Meter Dash Heather Jones Albany 12.56 1986

200 Meter Dash Gretchen Dickkut Rock Port 25.95 1992

400 Meter Dash Erin Place Albany 1:00.35 1997

800 Meter Run Sabrina Monsees Winnetonka 2:19.73 2013

1600 Meter Run Emma Evans Winnetonka 5:24.78 2014

3200 Meter Run Shayla Murphy St. Joe Central 11:48.22 1993

100 Meter Hurdles Anne Northrup Holt County 15.65 1992

300 Meter Hurdles Emily Wedlock Mound City 48.08 2016

4×100 Meter Relay Winnetonka 51.6 2013

4×200 Meter Relay Mound City 1:51.47 2016

4×400 Meter Relay SB 4:18.7 2013

4×800 Meter Relay Mound City 10:13.33 2011



Shot Put Ron Swift Maryville 53’3.25” 1971

Discus Josh Warner Worth County 157’3” 2015

Javelin Throw Gage Rush Stewartsville 142’9” 2018

High Jump Eric Duncan Rock Port 6’7” 2014

Long Jump Dana Brion Rock Port 22’4.5” 1996

Triple Jump Dana Brion Rock Port 44’ 1996

Pole Vault Gage McAdams East Atchison 15’ 2019

100 Meter Dash Eli Mullock Worth County 10.92 2011

200 Meter Dash Brad Latta Nodaway-Holt 22.7 1981

Clint ThomasRock Port22.71992

400 Meter Dash Clint Gayler Rock Port 51.17 1996

800 Meter Run Austin Pankau Mound City 2:02.11 2018

1600 Meter Run Brian Lemerond Sacred Heart 4:35.23 1999

3200 Meter Run Tyler Blay West Nodaway 9:50.45 2021

110 Meter Hurdles Joel Terry Worth County 14.35 1999

300 Meter Hurdles Clint Thomas Rock Port 39.6 1991

4×100 Meter Relay Rock Port 45.24 2005

4×200 Meter Relay North Andrew 1:35.69 2016

4×400 Meter Relay Rock Port 3:38.05 1996

4×800 Meter Relay Sidney 8:34.10 1981

Blue Jay Relay records held by Rock Port athletes and the years the record was held:

Chris Chamberlain – 100 Yard Dash, 11.6, 1979

Mike Nielsen – 3200 Meter Run, 10:23.1, 1981 – 2021

Bob Barnhart – Pole Vault, 12’7″, 1987 – 1993

Erik Dickkut – 110 Hurdles, 15.34, 1988 – 1991

Erik Dickkut – 300 Hurdles, 42.13, 1988; 40.45, 1989 – 1990

Erik Dickkut – High Jump, 6’5″, 1989 – 1991

Clint Thomas – 300 Meter Hurdles, 39.6, 1991 to present

Clint Thomas – 110 Hurdles, 14.8, 1992 – 1998

Clint Thomas – 100 Meter Dash, 11.1, 1992 – 2009

Clint Thomas – 200 Meter Dash, 22.7, 1992 to present

Lorenzo Cobb – Discus, 148’4″, 2005 – 2013

Dana Brion – Long Jump, 22’4.5″, 1996 to present

Dana Brion – Triple Jump, 44′, 1996 to present

Kory Paris – Pole Vault, 13’6″, 2005 – 2016

Clint Gayler – 400 Meter Dash, 51.17, 1996 to present

Donnie Parsons – 800 Meter Run, 2:03.2, 2004 to 2018

Eric Duncan – High Jump, 6’6.25″, 2012; 6’7″, 2014 to present

4×100 Relay – 46.35, 1992 – 1994 (Jeff Zabel, Aron Burke, Matt Schaffner, Rob Kish)

4×100 Relay – 46.0, 1995 – 2004 (Ryan Meyerkorth, Dana Brion, Tyler Gebhards, Clint Gayler)

Alan Lininger – Broad Jump, 21’3″, 1966

Alan Lininger – 440 Yard Dash, 53.7, 1966

4×100 Relay – 45.24, 2005 to present (Kory Paris, Mark Ball, Thomas Herron, T.J. True)

4×220 Yard Relay – 1:38.4, 1966 (Richard Burke, James Fentiman, Randy Reid, Alan Lininger)

Mile Relay – 3:43.4, 1966 (Richard Burke, Gary Gebhards, Joe Heyen, Alan Lininger)

Stacy Fischer – Shot Put, 34’1″, 1983 – 1984; 34’5.5-, 1985

Malisa Groff – 100 Meter Hurdles, 16.9, 1983 – 1985

Stephanie Scamman – High Jump, 5’11”, 1986 – 1995

Sarah Gaines – Triple Jump, 34’9″, 1990 – 1995

Gretchen Dickkut – 200 Meter Dash, 25.95, 1992 to present

Gretchen Dickkut – 400 Meter Dash, 1:02.3, 1991; 1:01.2, 1992 – 1996

Makayla Vette – Shot Put, 40’5.25″, 2011 to present

4×200 Relay – 1:58.5, 1983 – 1989 (Malisa Groff, Marcy Boatman, Jlee Sauter, Telisa Pankau)

4×200 Relay – 1:53.1, 1990 – 2015 (Lisa Holley, Lori Athen, Sarah Gaines, Gretchen Dickkut)

4×800 Relay – 10:31.9, 2008 – 2010 (Elyssa Ellison, Karley Evans, Abbey Lawrence, Leslie Alitz)

Milton Reid Award recipients:

1986 – WC Farmer

1987 – WC Farmer

1988 – Erik Dickkut

1989 – Erik Dickkut

1990 – Clint Thomas

1991 – Clint Thomas

          – Gretchen Dickkut

1992 – Clint Thomas

1993 – Tad Gebhards

1994 – Tad Gebhards

1995 – Dana Brion

1996 – Dana Brion

1997 – Tyler Gebhards

1998 – Ryan Meyerkorth

1999 – Trent Corken

2000 – Kate Griffin

2001 – Jared Meyerkorth

2002 – Micah Meyerkorth

2003 – Micah Meyerkorth

2004 – Micah Meyerkorth

2005 – Micah Meyerkorth

2006 – Brentlee Thomas

2007 – Brentlee Thomas

2008 – Laura Graybill

2009 – Leslie Alitz

2010 – Chase Chamberlain

2011 – Makayla Vette

2012 – Eric Duncan

2013 – Eric Duncan

2014 – Eric Duncan

2015 – Trey Pope

2016 – Megan Stevens

2017 – Megan Stevens

2018 – Alex Dewhirst

2019 – Alivia Baucom

2021 – Alivia Baucom