Rock Port’s Ella Meyerkorth placed 2nd and East Atchison’s Lizzie Schlueter placed 1st in the 100 meter hurdles at Little Blue Jay Relays April 22, 2021.

Rock Port’s Norah Watkins broke the Little Blue Jay Relays 25-year-old 1600 meter run record with a time of 5:41.72.

Rock Port’s Ryder Herron lets the discus fly during Little Blue Jay Relays April 22, 2021. He placed 3rd in the event with a throw of 25.78m.

Camden McEnaney receives the hand-off from Corbyn Jakub in the 4×100 meter relay at Little Blue Jay Relays in Rock Port. The relay team placed 4th.

Addison Maifeld competes in the triple jump at Little Blue Jay Relays.

Hadleigh Jones placed 6th in the shot put at Little Blue Jay Relays.

Junior high boys break 4×100 meter relay Wolves record

Rock Port hosted the 2021 Little Blue Jay Relays April 22, 2021.

The Worth County (WC) girls’ team won the event with 103 points. Other girls’ team results were: 2nd, East Atchison (EA), 97; 3rd, Rock Port (RP), 67; 4th, South Holt/Nodaway Holt (SHNH), 54; 5th, West Nodaway (WN), 49; 6th, Mound City (MC), 41; 7th, Albany (A), 26; 8th, Northeast Nodaway (NEN), 13; 9th, North Andrew (NA), 5; 10th, Union Star (US), 4; and 11th, North Nodaway (NN), 2.

The South Holt/Nodaway-Holt (SHNH) boys’ team won the meet with 74 points. Other boys’ team results were: 2nd, Mound City (MC), 62; 3rd, Albany (A), 53; 4th, Worth County (WC), 47; 4th, North Nodaway (NN), 47; 6th, East Atchison (EA), 44; 7th, North Andrew (NA), 40; 8th, Rock Port (RP), 39; 9th, West Nodaway (WN), 34; and 10th, Northeast Nodaway (NEN), 24.

Norah Watkins set a new Little Blue Jays Relays record in the 1600 meter run with a time of 5:41.72.

Individual and relay results are as follows:


Shot Put – 1st, Ava Graham (WN), 10.29m; 2nd, Taylor Meyer (MC), 9.73m; 3rd, Allison Wooten (EA), 9.63m; 4th, Abbi Brown (WC), 8.42m; 5th, Chloe Gladstone (WC), 7.54m; 6th, Hadleigh Jones (RP), 7.21m; 7th, Charlea Johnson (SHNH), 6.73m; 8th, Lauren Hogue (A), 6.39m; 9th, Keira Roup (RP), 6.05m

Discus Throw – 1st, Ava Graham (WN), 23.88m; 2nd, Allison Wooten (EA), 20.93m; 3rd, Abbi Brown (WC), 9.76m; 4th, Rylee Ruckman (WC), 19.35m; 5th, Charlea Johnson (SHNH), 18.47m; 6th, Gracie Wilmes (NA), 17.37m; 7th, Hadleigh Jones (RP), 15.19m; 8th, Nevaeh Halvin (NN), 14.58m; 9th, Keira Roup (RP), 14.45m; 10th, Avah Shisler (A), 13.28m; 11th, Taylor Meyer (MC), 12.88m; 12th, Haylee Greever (MC), 12.62m

High Jump – 1st, Payton Woodring (EA), 1.42m; 2nd, Lizzie Schlueter (EA), 1.38m; 3rd, Baylie Busby (NEN), 1.37m; 4th, Reganne Fast (WN), 1.32m; 5th, Hayleigh Wink (A), 1.28m; 6th, Kayte Pankau (MC), 1.27m; 7th (tie), Hufford (MC), Riley Ridge (WC), and Ava Graham (WN), 1.22m

Pole Vault – 1st, Eva Engel (WC), 2.44m; 2nd, Grace Oswald (EA), 1.98m; 3rd, Norah Watkins (RP), 1.83m; 4th, Joslin Ungles (MC), 1.82m; 5th, Payten Shrader (RP), 1.68m; 6th, Bridgette Hightshoe (WC), 1.52m

Triple Jump – 1st, Paige Hanson (SHNH), 9.04m; 2nd, Ella Meyerkorth (RP), 8.69m; 3rd, Riley Ridge (WC), 8.59m; 4th, Abbi Brown (WC), 8.04m; 5th, Izzie Hodge (US), 7.77m; 6th, Katherine Mendenhall (SHNH), 7.44m; 7th, Addison Maifeld (RP), 7.26m; 8th, Kaitlyn Miller (US), 7.01m; 9th, Kiley Caton (MC), 6.93m; 10th, Casey Wray (NN), 6.65m; 11th, Brezie Bywater (EA), 6.43m; 12th, Miya McIntosh (A), 5.97m; 13th, Jillian Hannah (EA), 5.92m; 14th, Reese Miles (MC), 5.69m

Long Jump – 1st, Emma Spencer (WC), 3.94m; 2nd, Keylee Siddens (A), 3.80m; 3rd, Rayleigh Smith (WC), 3.61m; 4th, Lexi VanHoutan (SHNH), 3.60m; 5th, Madison Janssen (A), 3.53m; 6th, Dylan Drummond (EA), 3.42m; 7th, Savanna Marriott (WN), 3.37m; 8th, Bresayda Jimenez (EA), 3.35m; 9th, Zoey Sisk (SHNH), 3.27m; 10th, Kenzie Pettijohn (US), 3.15m; 11th, Kaitlyn Miller (US), 3.11m; 12th, Payten Shrader (RP), 2.96m; 13th, Addison Maifeld (RP), 2.84m; 14th, Nichole Bramman (MC), 2.82m; 15th, Sasha Deardorff (NEN), 2.77m; 16th, Gracie Kohleppel (NEN), 2.75m; 17th, Julia Miles (MC), 2.72m; 18th, Nevaeh Halvin (NN), 2.68m; 19th, Gracie Wilmes (NA), 2.57m

100 Meter Hurdles – 1st, Lizzie Schlueter (EA), 17.82; 2nd, Ella Meyerkorth (RP), 17.90; 3rd, Eva Engel (WC), 18.72; 4th, Keylee Siddens (A), 19.59; 5th, Jacoby Driskell (RP), 19.60; 6th, Baylie Busby (NEN), 20.26; 7th, Bailey Steeby (US), 20.28; 8th, Riley Ridge (WC), 20.44; 9th, Reganne Fast (WN), 20.55; 10th, Alanis Wray (NN), 20.69; 11th, Bella Walker (WN), 20.85; 12th, Phoebe Morris (MC), 21.07; 13th, Ellie Lawrence (NA), 22.56; 14th, Brooklyn Hendrix (NA), 24.56; 15th, Amy Richards (NN), 27.29

100 Meter Dash – 1st, Paige Hanson (SHNH), 13.99; 2nd, Emma Spencer (WC), 14.21; 3rd, Kayte Pankau (MC), 14.26; 4th, Lexi VanHoutan (SHNH), 14.29; 5th, Payton Woodring (EA), 14.44; 6th, Izzie Hodge (US), 14.47; 7th, Alexis Seiter (A), 14.60; 8th, Mylee Wilmes (NEN), 14.68; 9th, Jayme McEnaney (RP), 14.85; 10th, Paidyn Linville (WN), 14.86; 11th, Brooklyn Hendrix (NA), 15.19; 12th (tie), Taylor Meyer (MC), and Savanna Marriott (WN), 15.27; 14th, Madison Janssen (A), 15.81; 15th, Kenzie Pettijohn (US), 15.96; 16th, Emma Teten (RP), 16.31; 17th, Marissa Schmitz (WC), 18.61

4×200 Meter Relay – 1st, East Atchison (Grace Oswald, Payton Woodring, Jayla Irvine, Dylan Drummond), 2:01.93; 2nd, Rock Port (Jacoby Driskell, Jayme McEnaney, Avery Meyerkorth, Ella Meyerkorth), 2:04.92; 3rd, West Nodaway (Paidyn Linville, Reganne Fast, Bella Walker, Savanna Marriott), 2:05.50; 4th, Worth County (Riley Ridge, Bridgette Hightshoe, Rayleigh Smith, Katie Fletchall), 2:10.87; 5th, Albany (Alexis Seiter, Hayleigh Wink, Norah Shoush, Kylee Preston), 2:10.91; 6th, South Holt/Nodaway-Holt (Lexi VanHoutan, Jacelyn Fansher, Katherine Mendenhall, Zoey Sisk), 2:12.51; 7th, North Andrew (Cambrielle Steeby, Gracie Wilmes, Ellie Lawrence, Briley Rainez), 2:14.68; 8th, Union Star (Eliza Coon, Kenzie Pettijohn, Bailey Steeby, Grace Whorton), 2:16.07; 9th, Mound City (Taylor Meyer, Phoebe Morris, Alex Monroe, Joslin Ungles), 2:17.16

1600 Meter Run – 1st, Norah Watkins (RP), 5:41.72; 2nd, Brylea Paxson (WC), 6:27.66; 3rd, Kalynn Godsey (WN), 6:32.17; 4th, Reigan Miller (NA), 6:34.78

4×100 Meter Relay – 1st, Worth County (Eva Engel, Abbi Brown, Katie Fletchall, Emma Spencer), 59.04; 2nd, Albany (Alexis Seiter, Hayleigh Wink, Norah Shoush, Keylee Siddens), 59.08; 3rd, Rock Port (Jayme McEnaney, Avery Meyerkorth, Ella Meyerkorth, Payten Shrader), 59.20; 4th, West Nodaway (Paidyn Linville, Reganne Fast, Haylee Dawson, Savanna Marriott), 59.28; 5th, East Atchison (Allison Wooten, Payton Woodring, Bresayda Jimenez, Jayla Irvine), 59.52; 6th, Union Star (Izzie Hodge, Kenzie Pettijohn, Bailey Steeby, Grace Whorton), 1:01.96; 7th, South Holt/Nodaway-Holt (Zoey Sisk, Katherine Mendenhall, Jacelyn Fansher, Lexi VanHoutan), 1:03.15; 8th, North Andrew (Brooklyn Hendrix, Cambrielle Steeby, Ellie Lawrence, Briley Rainez), 1:05.31; 9th, Mound City (Julia Miles, Avery McDonald, Reese Miles, Ava Luna), 1:12.60

400 Meter Dash – 1st, Lizzie Schlueter (EA), 1:07.10; 2nd, Paige Hanson (SHNH), 1:07.88; 3rd, Bella Walker (WN), 1:11.74; 4th, Rayla Hufford (MC), 1:13.41; 5th, Jacoby Driskell (RP), 1:13.74; 6th, Baylie Busby (NEN), 1:14.86; 7th, Eva Engel (WC), 1:16.92; 8th, Alanis Wray (NN), 1:17.66; 9th, Casey Wray (NN), 1:18.71; 10th, Grace Whorton (US), 1:24.27; 11th, Rachael Knapp (SHNH), 1:24.37; 12th, Jillian Hannah (EA), 1:28.35; 13th, Bailey Steele (WC), 1:37.45; 14th, Miya McIntosh (A), 1:41.20

800 Meter Run – 1st, Kayte Pankau (MC), 2:31.27; 2nd, Norah Watkins (RP), 2:33.87; 3rd, Grace Oswald (EA), 2:47.15; 4th, Dylan Drummond (EA), 2:57.93; 5th, Kalynn Godsey (WN), 3:02.25; 6th, Sasha Deardorff (NEN), 3:02.37; 7th, Gracie Kohleppel (NEN), 3:07.35; 8th, Teigan Miller (NA), 3:08.00; 9th, Brylea Paxson (WC), 3:09.00; 10th, Katherine Mendenhall (SHNH), 3:20.00; 11th, Jernie Morris (SHNH), 3:28.00

200 Meter Dash – 1st, Paige Hanson (SHNH), 29.43; 2nd, Emma Spencer (WC), 29.45; 3rd, Avery Meyerkorth (RP), 30.38; 4th, Mylee Wilmes (NEN), 31.20; 5th, Jayla Irvine (EA), 31.53; 6th, Haylee Dawson (WN), 31.68; 7th, Keylee Siddens (A), 31.87; 8th, Katie Fletchall (WC), 32.13; 9th, Bresayda Jimenez (EA), 33.11; 10th, Zoey Sisk (SHNH), 33.45; 11th, Kylee Preston (A), 33.66; 12th, Izzie Hodge (US), 3 33.69; 13th, Casey Wray (NN), 34.37; 14th, Emma Teten (RP), 35.06; 15th, Grace Whorton (US), 35.19; 16th, Destiny Panning (MC), 38.59; 17th, Deanna Krohn (MC), 38.60

4×400 Meter Relay – 1st, East Atchison (Grace Oswald, Lizzie Schlueter, Bresayda Jimenez, Dylan Drummond), 4:54.92; 2nd, Mound City (Alex Monroe, Kayte Pankau, Phoebe Morris, Joslin Ungles), 5:07.18; 3rd, Worth County (Rayleigh Smith, Rylee Ruckman, Bridgette Hightshoe, Brylea Paxson), 5:38.26; 4th, South Holt/Nodaway-Holt (Rachael Knapp, Jernie Morris, Ella Schaeffer, Jacelyn Fansher), 5:51.80; 5th, North Nodaway (Nevaeh Halvin, Amy Richards, Alanis Wray, Casey Wray), 5:54.30


Shot Put – 1st, Preston Jenkins (SHNH), 10.07m; 2nd, Ryder Herron (RP), 9.93m; 3rd, Tate Johnson (EA), 9.63m; 4th, Seth Miller (A), 9.62m; 5th, Rowen Derr (MC), 9.59m; 6th, Zachary Schuman (SHNH), 9.47m; 7th, Brayden Murphy (WC), 9.18m; 8th (tie), Jake Redden (NEN), and Brayden Smith (EA), 9.09m; 10th, Garrett Carpenter (WN), 8.95m; 11th, Caden Achterberg (A), 8.32m; 12th, Jacob Hall (MC), 7.98m; 13th, Karson Briner (WC), 7.92m; 14th, Lakota Rucker (NN), 7.80m

Discus Throw – 1st, Jake Redden (NEN), 28.02m; 2nd, Cannon Fletcher (WC), 26.98m; 3rd, Ryder Herron (RP), 25.78m; 4th, Kyler Scadden (NEN), 25.45m; 5th, Brayden Smith (EA), 24.54m; 6th, Tanner Williams (A), 23.65m; 7th, Brayden Murphy (WC), 22.84m; 8th, Luke Morey (EA), 22.10m; 9th, Tyler Gray (WN), 22.05m; 10th, Quentin Jackson (RP), 21.74m; 11th, Ben Roller (NA), 21.60m; 12th, Garrett Carpenter (WN), 20.80m; 13th, Shea Simerly (US), 20.32m; 14th, Shae Miller (A), 18.85m

High Jump – 1st (tie), Braxon Linville (NA), and Preston Jenkins (SHNH), 1.53m; 3rd, Owen Martin (NN), 1.52m; 4th, Zane Rippy (A), 1.51m; 5th, Chauncey Brown (MC), 1.50m; 6th, Landon Wilmes (NEN), 1.42m; 7th (tie), Keaton Morin (WC), and Peyton Morrow (WN), 1.37m

Pole Vault – 1st, Creyton Roup (MC), 2.13m; 2nd, Nicholas Ivey (MC), 1.99m; 3rd, Brayden Stephens (WC), 1.98m; 4th, Wyatt Hill (WC), 1.83m; 5th, Gavyn Irvine (EA), 1.68m

Triple Jump – 1st, Cole Medsker (SHNH), 9.98m; 2nd, Koan Kuehmichel (A), 9.73m; 3rd, Mattox Sybert (NA), 9.63m; 4th, Andrew Griffin (WC), 9.19m; 5th, Owen Martin (NN), 9.17m; 6th, Kale Kerns (SHNH), 9.04m; 7th, Carter Chapman (WC), 8.59m; 8th, Jakobie Hays (RP), 8.56m; 9th, Chase Cline (A), 8.48m; 10th, River Dow (EA), 8.20m; 11th, Creyton Roup (MC), 7.99m; 12th, Tayden Cook (RP), 7.87m; 13th, Mason McMahon (EA), 7.47m; 14th, Trevin Wyllie (NN), 7.24m; 15th, Wesley Bryant (MC), 6.95m; 16th, Tyler Gray (WN), 6.91m; 17th, Lake Klawuhn (US), 6.76m; 18th, Deontrae Mincy (WN), 6.36m

Long Jump – 1st, Trevor Akins (A), 4.65m; 2nd, Owen DeRosier (EA), 4.64m; 3rd, Cole Medsker (SHNH), 4.53m; 4th, Mattox Sybert (NA), 4.38m; 5th, Preston Jenkins (SHNH), 4.37m; 6th, Mason Casner (NN), 4.27m; 7th, Cameron Brooks (EA), 4.24m; 8th, Nicholas Ivey (MC), 4.08m; 9th (tie), Carter Chapman (WC), and Andrew Griffin (WC), 4.05m; 11th, Dylan Lair (RP), 3.94m; 12th, Kyle Emerson (A), 3.81m; 13th, Oren Goff (WN), 3.63m; 14th, Corbyn Jakub (RP), 3.57m; 15th, Conner Tubbs (MC), 3.54m; 16th, Jarom Russo (NA), 3.40m; 17th, Trevin Wyllie (NN), 3.07m; 18th, Keaton Reynolds (WN), 2.99m; 19th, Lake Klawuhn (US), 2.91m; 20th, Austin Adwell (NEN), 2.84m; 21st, Eli Florea (NEN), 2.55m

100 Meter Hurdles – 1st, Chauncey Brown (MC), 16.56; 2nd, Mason Casner (NN), 17.14; 3rd, Dylan Lair (RP), 17.22; 4th, Owen DeRosier (EA), 17.41; 5th, August Meadowns (MC), 17.88; 6th, Andrew Griffin (WC), 18.62; 7th, Landon Wilmes (NEN), 18.74; 8th, Brayden Stephens (WC), 18.95; 9th, Dakota Patterson (SHNH), 19.41; 10th, Tait Morris (SHNH), 20.67; 11th, Tayden Cook (RP), 21.03; 12th, Drew Dack (NEN), 21.09; 13th, Trevin Wyllie (NN), 22.39 21.10

100 Meter Dash – 1st, Mason Casner (NN), 12.60; 2nd, Franklynn Taute (WC), 12.65; 3rd, Preston Jenkins (SHNH), 12.68; 4th, Cole Medsker (SHNH), 12.75; 5th, Lane Larabee (WN), 12.90; 6th, Braxon Linville (NA), 13.05; 7th, Alex Erickson (EA), 13.06; 8th, Kyle Emerson (A), 13.12; 9th, Trevor Akins (A), 13.15; 10th, Corbyn Jakub (RP), 13.90; 11th, Conner Tubbs (MC), 14.83; 12th, Connor Morton (EA), 16.25; 13th, Quinton Foote (MC), 16.43; 14th, Reed Smyser (WC), 16.59; 15th, Lake Klawuhn (US), 16.94; 16th, Ryan Hanig (WN), 21.67

4×200 Meter Relay – 1st, Rock Port (Zane Cook, Ryan Lucas, Bracton Cook, Dylan Lair), 1:53.99; 2nd, Albany (Kyle Emerson, Trevor Akins, Koan Kuehmichel, Zane Rippy) 1:54.54; 3rd, North Andrew (Jarom Russo, Marshall Todd, Mattox Sybert, Braxon Linville), 1:56.23; 4th, East Atchison (Owen DeRosier, Colten Hall, River Dow, Cameron Brooks), 1:57.49; 5th, West Nodaway (Kaden Reynolds, Cooper Snodderley, Ben Cordell, Oren Goff), 1:59.06; 6th, South Holt/Nodaway-Holt (Quentin Scroggins, Tait Morris, Dylan Walker, Kale Kerns), 2:01.44; 7th, Worth County (Sawyer Thurman, Brayden Combs, Brayden Murphy, Keaton Morin), 2:03.25; 8th, Mound City (August Meadowns, Rowen Derr, Camron Felts, Conner Tubbs), 2:07.00; 9th, Northeast Nodaway (Austin Adwell, Eli Florea, Kenneth Schieber, Jacob Meyer), 2:17.39

1600 Meter Run – 1st, Noah Doolittle (A), 5:28.98; 2nd, Nicholas Ivey (MC), 5:34.06; 3rd, Ben Roller (NA), 5:40.52; 4th, Hayes Weller (SHNH), 5:41.47; 5th, Quin Staten (EA), 5:42.07; 6th, Cooper Snodderley (WN), 6:02.08; 7th, Cole Anderson (EA), 6:02.38; 8th, Kale Kerns (SHNH), 6:03.89; 9th, Jakobie Hays (RP), 6:08.57; 10th, Brody McGinness (WN), 6:21.40

4×100 Meter Relay – 1st, East Atchison (Cameron Brooks, Colten Hall, Owen DeRosier, Alex Erickson), 52.19; 2nd, North Andrew (Ben Roller, Marshall Todd, Mattox Sybert, Braxon Linville), 53.13; 3rd, Worth County (Franklynn Taute, Andrew Griffin, Brayden Stephens, Carter Chapman), 53.62; 4th, Rock Port (Corbyn Jakub, Camden McEnaney, Bracton Cook, Zane Cook), 53.69; 5th, Albany (Kyle Emerson, Trevor Akins, Ayden Guinn-Weatherd, Zane Rippy), 54.05; 6th, South Holt/Nodaway-Holt (Tait Morris, Jaydin Burtnett, Dylan Walker, Quentin Scroggins), 57.57; 7th, West Nodaway (Kaden Reynolds, Oren Goff, Peyton Morrow, Brody McGinness), 59.95; 8th, Mound City (Ernest Peters, Quinton Foote, Wesley Bryant, Camron Felts), 1:07.59

400 Meter Dash – 1st, Lane Larabee (WN), 58.78; 2nd, Ben Cordell (WN), 1:02.03; 3rd, Owen Martin (NN), 1:03.24; 4th, Landon Wilmes (NEN), 1:05.03; 5th, Drew Dack (NEN), 1:05.98; 6th, Jaydin Burtnett (SHNH), 1:06.42; 7th, Creyton Roup (MC), 1:06.73; 8th, Dakota Patterson (SHNH), 1:08.94; 9th, Sawyer Thurman (WC), 1:10.53; 10th, Logan Lomax (RP), 1:12.35; 11th, Braylon Foster (EA), 1:14.06; 12th, Brayden Combs (WC), 1:14.24; 13th, River Dow (EA), 1:15.05; 14th, Trevin Wyllie (NN), 1:15.49; 15th, Wesley Bryant (MC), 1:15.91; 16th, Braxton Sorensen (A), 1:18.21; 17th, Ryland Garst (RP), 1:19.51; 18th, Remington Miller (A), 1:20.52

800 Meter Run – 1st, Chauncey Brown (MC), 2:24.85; 2nd, Owen Martin (NN), 2:29.54; 3rd, Noah Doolittle (A), 2:34.61; 4th, Hayes Weller (SHNH), 2:36.70; 5th, Drew Dack (NEN), 2:41.05; 6th, Tayden Cook (RP), 2:41.58; 7th, Kenneth Schieber (NEN), 2:41.85; 8th, Cannon Fletcher (WC), 2:52.43; 9th, Ben Roller (NA), 2:55.61; 10th, Jarom Russo (NA), 3:05.05; 11th, Ryland Garst (RP), 3:17.08; 12th, Collin Kinsella (WN), 3:17.85; 13th, Remington Miller (A), 3:20.53

200 Meter Dash – 1st, Lane Larabee (WN), 26.00; 2nd, Cole Medsker (SHNH), 26.04; 3rd, Mason Casner (NN), 26.16; 4th, Alex Erickson (EA), 26.26; 5th, Franklynn Taute (WC), 26.79; 6th, Landon Wilmes (NEN), 27.42; 7th, Marshall Todd (NA), 27.68; 8th, Dylan Lair (RP), 27.97; 9th, Zane Cook (RP), 28.03; 10th, Quentin Scroggins (SHNH), 29.88; 11th, Ayden Guinn-Weatherd (A), 30.44; 12th, Kaden Reynolds (WN), 30.46; 13th, Conner Tubbs (MC), 30.53; 14th, Braxton Sorensen (A), 30.96; 15th, Jarom Russo (NA), 31.76; 16th, Mason McMahon (EA), 33.43; 17th, Austin Adwell (NEN), 35.28; 18th, Wyatt Hill (WC), 35.52; 19th, Quinton Foote (MC), 36.08; 20th, Lake Klawuhn (US), 36.64

4×400 Meter Relay – 1st, Mound City (Creyton Roup, Conner Tubbs, August Meadowns, Nicholas Ivey), 4:23.81; 2nd, Worth County (Sawyer Thurman, Brayden Stephens, Cannon Fletcher, Carter Chapman), 4:29.42; 3rd, South Holt/Nodaway-Holt (Dakota Patterson, Donovan Bammer, Hayes Weller, Jaydin Burtnett), 4:44.20; 4th, Rock Port (Camden McEnaney, Jakobie Hays, Ryan Lucas, Bracton Cook), 4:46.29; 5th, East Atchison (Quin Staten, Brayden Smith, Cole Anderson, Braylon Foster), 5:09.37; 6th, West Nodaway (Cooper Snodderley, Collin Kinsella, Brody McGinness, Ben Cordell), 5:19.48