Jayne Ann Bennington was recently recognized for her 56 years of service to the banking industry. The Missouri Bankers Association, represented by Max Cook and Jackson Hataway, presented Jayne Ann with a 50 Year Club award at Bank Midwest Tuesday, August 24, 2021, in Rock Port.

Jayne Ann Bennington is pictured manning the drive-through window at the Bank of Atchison County. Jayne Ann started at the bank in 1965 and you can still see her today, 56 years later, manning the window or a teller booth at the front counter of Bank Midwest in Rock Port.

In 1965, Jayne Ann Bennington joined the ranks of workers at the Bank of Atchison County on Main Street in Rock Port. She began her duties as “Scrap Pan Annie,” making metal plates with customer names for their files. She has since held the positions of teller, assistant cashier, and teller supervisor.

Today, Bank of Atchison County is Bank Midwest, but Jayne Ann is still there providing smiles and banking assistance to her customers 56 years later.

Last Tuesday, August 24, 2021, the Missouri Bankers Association, represented by President and CEO Max Cook, as well as Jackson Hataway, recognized Jayne Ann as a member of the “50 Year Club” and presented her with an award. Her coworkers, family members, and banking partners were on hand to celebrate her achievement.

Jayne Ann’s 56th anniversary open house will be held in October at Bank Midwest. Stay tuned for more information as that special event gets closer.