Reven Herron, Jacob Erdman, Hayden Wood and Garrett Schomburg scout the green to try and read their putting line.

The Rock Port Golf and Country Club wrapped up its 2021 Bogie League Saturday, September 11, with an eight team tournament. The top eight teams out of 23 teams made it to the finals.

The top two teams were Brock Nuckolls and Troy Cook, who finished in first place during match play, and Brian Moran and Josh Hays, who finished in second place during match play. Other team finishes were: (3) Garrett Schomburg and Hayden Wood, (4) Tyler Thomas and Jarred Hudson, (5) Reven Herron and Jacob Erdman, (6) Tad Gebhards and Clay Vogler, (7) Mark Bennington and W.C. Farmer, and (8) Gary Bogenreif and Bill Anders.

The championship came down to Reven Herron and Jacob Erdman against Garrett Schomburg and Hayden Wood, with Herron and Erdman winning the tournament championship.