Defensive lineman Jarrett Hunter goes after a fumbled ball to recover and give the Blue Jays great field position.

Dakota Evans takes the hand-off and gets his eyes down field looking for the open hole. Dakota had five touchdowns on the night.

Offensive end Colten Stevens goes up and catches a pass for the first touchdown on the night.

Phillip Herron darts by the last defender on his way to the end zone on a 25 yard run.

Micah Makings gets a quarterback sack deep in the Orioles’ territory.

Corbyn Jakub beats three defenders to the outside as he punches it in for six points.

Rock Port traveled to Concordia, Missouri, to take on the Orioles in a last minute pick-up game, following the forfeit by Stewartsville/Osburn. To start the game Rock Port kicked off and the Jays’ defense took the field holding the Orioles in four downs giving Rock Port the ball. The Jays drove it down to the five yard line before turning it over on downs.

The defense would come through on the second play from the line of scrimmage sacking the quarterback in the end zone for a safety and the first two points on the board.

Colten Stevens would put the first touchdown on the board, catching a 22 yard pass from Micah Makings. Stevens would come up big on the kick-off, recovering an onside kick giving the Jays good field position.

Micah Makings would move the ball down to the five yard line and Phillip Herron would punch it in for six on the next play. The Orioles would move the ball to mid-field to end the first quarter before punting the ball and pinning the Jays deep.

In a drive that took 10 plays and the length of the field, Dakota Evans caught a quick out and took it 20 yards for the touchdown. The two-point conversion was good making the score 24-0 Rock Port.

Concordia would get a big return on the kick-off to set up their first score. The Jays would answer back with a 45 yard run by Phillip Herron to give the Jays a 30-8 lead. The two-point conversion was good.

The Orioles would answer back, bringing the score to 32-14 with 3:02 left in the first half. That’s when Rock Port’s wheels started coming off. The Orioles would kick two onside kicks, recover both and score on both bringing the score to 32-26 with .43 seconds left in the first half.

On the next series, Concordia kicked it deep and Dakota Evans would return the favor and take it back 70 yards for six. With 28.2 seconds left Rock Port would get the two point conversion making the score 40-26 and that would end the half.

The Rock Port defense played well in the third quarter, not allowing the Orioles to score and only allowing them to score once in the fourth once the JV was playing. Rock Port added another 32 points to the board, ending the game 72-34.

Rock Port takes on Nodaway Valley Thunder at Graham, Missouri, Friday night.