September 20, 1946

• About 50 attended the annual Mt. Hope homecoming and basket dinner last Sunday. At the business session, it was voted to change the place of meeting to Sharp’s Grove Church and to make the event a homecoming for Consolidated District No. 5, including Houston, Star, Mt. Hope, and Brush College districts.

• Bob Hecker, catcher for the Fairfax baseball team, knows Friday the 13th is an unlucky day, for he broke his left leg just above the ankle Friday afternoon while playing in the Fairfax/Craig game. Bob tripped over the first baseman’s leg, breaking his own. Proceeds of the game, approximately $150, were placed in a fund to apply to Bob’s hospital bill. Craig’s team also volunteered to place their share of the proceeds in the fund.

• Approximately 180 women attended the women’s extension clubs’ Achievement Day which was held at the Tarkio Community Building last Friday. A “Babyland” exhibit included a doll 55 years old, a pair of size 3 shoes 60 years old, cradle over 50 years old, and many baby clothes varying from 50 years old to modern ones.

September 23, 1971

• A collection of odd-looking bottles was discovered in an excavation job at the rear of the Schooler building being readied for occupancy by the county library. Marshal Harrington was digging to make a water line connection when he unearthed the ancient bottles.

• In an exciting game on the local field, the Fairfax Bulldogs pushed their winning streak to seven games by edging the Mound City Panthers 21 to 18. The win came even after the Bulldogs’ quarterback, Mike Fisher, suffered a broken collar bone just before the first half ended.

• According to Dorothy Manrose, Atchison County food distributing supervisor, the food distribution program will be discontinued in this county after November 1 due to a change in funding. A total of 686 persons received donated foods in the county during the first six months of this year.

September 19, 1996

• Sharon Davis, Karen Rogers, Gail Roberts, Dayle Ingerson, and Harold Emrick hosted an “early” 80th birthday celebration for their mother, Marie Emrick, this past weekend. A dinner was held Thursday evening and everyone in attendance received a special t-shirt to wear for the festivities.

• Boss the Bulldog is on the scene. After weeks of searching, Fairfax’s newest cheerleader has a name, Boss. The mascot was added to increase the school’s enthusiasm at sporting events. The mascot will be manned by Mary Chastain and Sabrina Nemyer.

• K.R. and Mary Anne Pennel entertained members of Fairfax Community Betterment at a barbecue dinner Saturday evening, September 14, at their home in Fairfax. A bountiful buffet of delicious pork chops, salads, and homemade rolls were served, as well as Mary Anne’s white chocolate raspberry cake, which was included in “America’s Best Recipes,” a national cookbook published in 1994.

• A touch of fall is in the air. Temperatures were down to 52 at church time Sunday morning and that turned off the ceiling fans and brought out the jackets.