Soybean gall midge was found in Atchison County north of Tarkio. The soybeans did not have any injury symptoms easily seen but would snap off easily at the soil line when pushed. Upon examination, larva was found just above the soil line. There were no foliar symptoms on the plants.

In Nebraska and Iowa, soybean damage has been great enough to cause dead or dying plants at the field edge. Soybean gall midge are very small worms that are distinctly bright orange in color. Some of the larvae had turned to pupae in the field that were examined.

Damage has been light and agronomists hope this pest will not establish itself. In the past years, damage has also been light and hard to find.

“This pest can cause significant yield loss and has been found in Nebraska, Iowa, South Dakota and Minnesota,” said Wayne Flanary, Field Specialist in Agronomy. “Currently, we lack information regarding this new pest and we continue to conduct research with Nebraska being the lead.”

For further information, contact Wayne Flanary, Field Specialist in Agronomy, University of Missouri Extension at 816-279-1691.