The City of Tarkio Board of Aldermen met Wednesday, September 8, 2021, at 6:00 p.m. at Tarkio City Hall. The Pledge of Allegiance was conducted and roll call was done by Danielle Madron, City Clerk: aldermen Blu Dow, Scott Poppa, Mike Klosek, and Andy Riley were all present. Visitors were: Mayor Tim Morehouse, Street Superintendent Jamie Quimby, Animal Control Officer Chris Hogue, Building Inspector Jesse Payne, Chief of Police Tyson Gibbons, and Police Officer Tyler Dorrel – city employees; Gary Henson from Ag Partners; David Hoffman with Tarkio Tech; Ashlee Driskell, Park Board President; Michael Klosek III, Park Board Vice-President; and Corey Martin, Duane Lester, Reagan Lester, Jacob Lester, Nan and Larry Stepp, Rev. Mark Moon, Michael Paul Klosek, Sr., and Johnathon Stout – citizens.

The regular meeting minutes of August 11, 2021, were approved as distributed.

City Clerk Madron asked for next month’s meeting to be moved from October 13 to October 6. The aldermen agreed to move next month’s meeting to Wednesday, October 6, 2021, at 6:00 p.m.

Duane Lester spoke to the board about the yards that aren’t being cleaned up. He would like to suggest citizens talk to their neighbors about their yards being in disarray, instead of going to the police and Board of Aldermen. He believes it would make the community better and stronger if every issue wasn’t brought to the government or law enforcement to handle.

Concerned citizens spoke to the board about assisting citizens who need help cleaning their properties due to their inability to do so. These citizens are working on getting a volunteer group together to assist in this clean-up. Citizens thanked the city for their hard work getting the tire clean-up done in town.

Gary Henson spoke to the board asking them to vacate the road at the bottom of Main Street, from 1st Street east. Ag Partners is buying Klosek’s property on 1st Street and putting up new bins and facilities. The City Clerk will get the proper paperwork done and ready for the next meeting.

Johnny Davis was unable to attend the meeting. David Hoffman was present to speak to the board about naming Tarkio Road at the college. The college would like to name the road that goes behind the buildings Tarkio Road and have addresses assigned to each building. The board is okay with them naming the road, and the clerk will get the addresses assigned. The board made it clear that the city does not maintain roads on private property so maintenance of that road will be the responsibility of Tarkio Tech.

Mayor Morehouse informed the board that the clerk has sent in the application for the American Rescue Plan funding. The city will be sent half of the funds this year and half one year from now. It is estimated to be around $288,000. There are no final decisions on what these funds are allowed to be used for yet. The clerk will update as soon as the final decisions have been made.

Mayor Morehouse read Bill No. 272.21, Ordinance No. 258.21: An Ordinance Adopting An Amended Budget For The City Of Tarkio’s Fiscal Year April 1, 2021, To March 31, 2022. The board unanimously voted to approve Bill No. 272.21 Ord. No. 258.21.

Mayor Morehouse gave the second reading of Bill No. 272.21, Ordinance No. 258.21. A motion was made and approved and Bill No. 272.21, Ordinance No. 258.21 was adopted.

Mayor Morehouse asked the board to approve the appointment of Curtis Evans to the Tarkio Housing Board. The board approved the appointment.

Mayor Morehouse asked for approval of Resolution 65.21: Resolution Approving Reappointments of Tarkio Housing Board Marvin Southard, Sarah Lester, Curtis Evans, Mary McAdams, and Sharon McCall. A motion was made and seconded. Resolution 65.21 is approved.

Mayor Morehouse asked for approval of the appointment of Paige Agnew back onto the Parks Board. Her reappointment to the Parks Board was approved.

Mayor Morehouse asked for approval of the overtime for salary personnel (Police Department) addition to the City of Tarkio Employee Handbook. Klosek made the motion to approve the addition to the employee handbook and the motion was seconded and approved.

The board and Mayor Morehouse were given in-formation on the employee salaries. The past few years all employees received a 3% cost of living increase. This discussion was tabled until closed session.

Department Reports

Blu Dow, City Buildings – Danny McCoy came and took measurements of the evidence room door and will be sending an estimate.

Michael Klosek, Fire Department – The fire department is going to try and do away with the pagers and move to an app that will send them emergency alerts. The gutters at the fire station need to be cleaned out. The street department will be checking to see how they can help.

Andy Riley, Parks & Pool – The pool is now closed and has been drained. The Parks Board has decided to switch from ACCO to a company named Aquachem for pool supplies and maintenance. Friendship Day is September 25. They are waiting on final decisions about the beer garden to decide where that will be set up. There will be a Halloween Parade on Main Street on October 31.

Scott Poppa, Streets – Quimby’s report: Repairs/Equipment – VLP was here on Friday, August 27, to do regular 500-hour maintenance on the front loader. Brush Pile – The brush pile has been burned; work continues to get the hot spots all in one area so that they can organize material that is being brought down now. RV Park – There are two campers at this location at this time. They are continuing to do work with cold patch as needed. Storm Damage – Several larger limbs came down this last month and they did have to call Mike Poppa to assist with one that was in a precarious position. Tire Clean Up – A total of 420 tires were collected during this event. Winter Prep – The street department has started getting ready for winter weather and currently has eight full pallets of rock salt with four more ordered in preparation for winter. Jamie will also be ordering ice block like they have in the past and two pallets of aqua-patch, the product used to help with potholes in the winter. Tires and tire chains will be looked at in the near future.

Mayor Tim Morehouse, Airport – There was a little pause in work at the airport due to COVID, but they have resumed work and are tracking well with their predicted time lines.

Chris Hogue, Animal Control – There is nothing new to report and there are no animals at the dog pound at this time.

Tyson Gibbons, Police Department – There has been an uptake in events over the last month. New pistols have been delivered. An estimated $5,700.00 was raised after final expenses from the K-9 golf tournament.

Danielle Madron, City Clerk – No financial questions were asked and there was nothing more to report.

A break was taken at 7:30 p.m. The meeting resumed at 7:36 p.m.

Mayor Morehouse an-nounced an executive session would be held per Chapter 610.021 Section 3 Hiring, firing, disciplining or promoting a particular employee, etc. Riley made a motion to enter into executive session and the motion was seconded and approved.

The meeting came out of executive session. Dow made a motion to give all current employees a 3% cost of living raise. The motion was seconded and approved by all. The increase was approved.

Dow made a motion to give Chris Niles a $1.00 per hour raise. The motion was seconded and approved by all. Chris Niles’ raise was approved.

Klosek made a motion that the new hire for the Street Department will start at a wage of $14.00 per hour, with an increase to $15.00 per hour after 90 days. Dow seconded the motion and two ayes and two nays were cast. Mayor Morehouse voted aye to break the tie. The motion and second are approved.

The board decided interviews for the new street employee will be Tuesday, September 21, starting at 5:00 p.m. The meeting was adjourned at 7:15 p.m.