A tribute to 9/11 victims and survivors and the 13 servicemen and women who were recently killed in Kabul, Afghanistan, was held before the East Atchison varsity football game Friday, September 10, 2021, in Tarkio.

Braden Graves charges a Knight to assist Linkin Murry in a tackle during the Wolves’ 48-0 varsity football victory over South Holt.

Jarrett Spinnato pushes away from a Knight in the Wolves’ 48-0 win Friday.

Aaron Schlueter had 5 tackles, 10 assists, three tackles for losses, and one sack in the Wolves’ win over South Holt.

Kaylin Merriweather runs through a Knights’ defense three-deep to score for the Wolves.

With the quarterback keeper is Josh Smith gaining some yards for the Wolves.

The EA Wolves put up a strong defense against the South Holt Knights.

The East Atchison Wolves Varsity Football Team has now scored almost 200 points against their opponents this season without any points scored by their competitors. Last Friday’s game wasn’t as high scoring as the previous one, but East Atchison still tacked on 48 points to South Holt’s 0.

The game started out with a special tribute paid to 9/11 victims and survivors, as well as the 13 servicemen and women who were recently killed in Kabul, Afghanistan. Local first responders, servicemen and women, and veterans took to the field to light and let fly 13 American flag lanterns.

As the Wolf pack began the game, that fighting American spirit continued. EA systematically added points to the board, starting with Kaylin Merriweather recovering a fumble and scoring a touchdown. The two-point conversion was good. With a 20 yard pass from Josh Smith, Braden Graves added 6 more points to finish off the first quarter with a score of 14-0.

The Wolves began the second quarter with Merriweather adding another touchdown, this one from a 49 yard run. Jarrett Spinnato also added six to make the score 26-0 going into halftime.

Merriweather and Spinnato would finish out the total. Merriweather scored two more touchdowns from a 44 yard run and a 24 yard run and two two-point conversions. Spinnato added a touchdown, this time from a 13 yard run, to make the final score 48-0.

The Wolves will travel to DeKalb this Friday, September 17, to face off with the Tigers. The game will begin at 7:00 p.m.