The City of Tarkio Board of Aldermen met Wednesday, October 6, 2021, at 6:00 p.m. at Tarkio City Hall. Roll call was done by Danielle Madron, City Clerk: aldermen Blu Dow, Mike Klosek, and Andy Riley were present and Scott Poppa was absent. Visitors were: City employees – Street Superintendent Jamie Quimby; Animal Control Officer Chris Hogue; Police Chief Tyson Gibbons; Park Board President Ashlee Driskell and members Michael Klosek, III, Summer Reeves, and Jennifer Peregrine; and citizen Michael Klosek, Sr.

Mayor Morehouse opened the public hearing in reference to the Tarkio Planning Commission’s recommendation to allow Ag Partners Cooperation, Inc. of Hiawatha, d/b/a 101 N 3rd St., to vacate Main Street, in the Original Town of Tarkio; beginning on the North side of 1st and Main Streets, head east 29’, then south 99’, then back west 285’, then 100 ’ back to the point of beginning. Mayor Morehouse closed the public hearing at 6:10 p.m.

Mayor Morehouse asked for the approval of the regular meeting minutes of September 8, special meeting minutes of September 21 and September 28 as distributed. A motion to accept the minutes was made and approved. The minutes were approved. There were no additions to the agenda.

Mayor Morehouse read Bill No. 273.21, Ord. No. 259.21: An Ordinance Adopting An Amended Budget For The City Of Tarkio’s Fiscal Year April 1, 2021, To March 31, 2022. A motion was made and accepted to approve Bill No. 272.21, Ord. No. 258.21. The bill passed.

Mayor Morehouse gave the second reading of Bill No. 273.21, Ord. No. 259.21. A motion was made and accepted to approve Bill No. 272.21, Ord. No. 258.21. Bill No. 272.21, Ord. No. 258.21 was adopted.

Mayor Morehouse read Bill No 274.21, Ordinance No. 260.21 An Ordinance To Vacate Main Street, In The Original Town Of Tarkio; Beginning On The North Side Of 1st And Main Streets, Head East 296’, Then South 99’, Then Back West 285’, Then 100’ Back To The Point Of Beginning.  A motion was made and accepted to approve Bill No. 274.21 Ord. No 260.21.

Mayor Morehouse gave the second reading of Bill No 274.21 Ordinance No. 260.21. A motion was made and accepted to approve Bill No. 274.21 Ord. No 260.21. Bill No. 274.21 Ord. No. 260.21 was adopted.

City Clerk Madron received an email about getting replacements for Adam Stanton on the Northwest Missouri Regional Council of Governments Executive Board and the Development Corporation Board. The board voted to appoint Andrew Riley to both board.

Department Reports

Blu Dow, City Buildings – The community building back porch needs to be repainted. This willl be done in the spring. The signs on the North Polk Schoolhouse need to be repainted. Jeff Olson has agreed to get these taken care of. An estimate for a new door for the evidence room was presented to the board from McCoy’s Cabinet Shop in the amount of $687.17. The aldermen voted to accept the bid for the new door.

Michael Klosek, Fire Department – Gutters still need to be cleaned out. The street department will do this.

Andy Riley, Parks and Pool – Park Board President Ashlee Driskell asked the council to approve two new members to the Park Board, Jeff Olson and Brooke Vette. A motion was made and approved to accept both members. The Park Board has received an estimate for a new pump room door at the pool. They will be looking for other estimates and make a decision in the spring on the door. Friendship Day was a success and the board came in under budget. They are already making plans for next year’s event. There will be a movie night and hayride on October 30 and the Halloween parade will be October 31.

Scott Poppa, Street Department – Quimby’s report was given. Repairs/Equipment: No major repairs have been made this month. Brush Pile: The brush pile continues to be used frequently. RV Park: At this time, there are no campers. Cold Patch: The city is out of this product until spring. They have received an order of aqua patch, the product that is used during cold weather for larger potholes. Friendship Day: Flags were put up in the area that this event took place in, barricades were also put in place for use during this event, and 911 was made aware of the street closures and times. Winter Prep: There should be a full supply of salt for this winter, in an emergency there should be a small supply at Ag Partners. They will be mixing the salt and chat mix later this week and making sure that the dump trucks are ready for the winter season. Herzog: Quimby has been in contact with Herzog since the manhole issue on Main Street has been repaired. The soonest that they can be here is October 18, but it could be later than that.

Timothy Morehouse, Airport – Lighting in the office building will be replaced with updated ones. They have already been ordered. The airport is finished but there has been an issue with the PAPI system. They are currently waiting to hear from Olsson Associates on the resolution to this issue.

Chris Hogue, Animal Control – There are currently no animals in the pound.

Tyson Gibbons, Police Department – Officer Dorrel and Hemi passed their HAPTA qualifications in all categories in the first round of trials. There has been an uptick in juvenile crime investigations recently which have required numerous juvenile officer interviews. Chief Gibbons brought up the possibility of using part of the ARPA funding to hire a new cadet, send them to the Police Academy, and retain them on a contract after their completion of the Academy. The board will look in to the possibility of using some of the funds for this, but need to wait on a final rule of what the funding can be used for.

Danielle Madron, Financials – There was nothing to report and no questions were asked. A break was taken at 6:50 p.m. The meeting resumed at 7:00 p.m.

Mayor Morehouse an-nounced an executive session would be held per Chapter 610.021 Section 3, Hiring, firing, disciplining or promoting a particular employee, etc. The board voted to enter into executive session.

The meeting came out of executive session. The meeting was adjourned at 7:20 p.m. The next regular meeting will be November 10, 2021, at 6:00 p.m.