MO Concrete LLC, owned by Kevin Paris and Josh Wright, pictured, has purchased the building at 6th and Elm streets in Tarkio to manufacture concrete pavers for docks.

Tarkio has a new manufacturing company that has opened at the corner of Elm and 6th streets. MO Concrete LLC, owned by Josh Wright and Kevin Paris, has purchased the building and will manufacture concrete pavers there and sell them to dock companies. Years ago, the building was the local energy plant.

Concrete docks are becoming a more popular choice than traditional wooden docks. They last much longer and are easier to maintain. They are in such high demand that companies who make them can’t keep up and the MO Concrete crew already has orders lined up. MO Concrete even patented a mold for the pavers, which will help eliminate shipping and delivery issues. The pavers are needed so quickly that the buyers will be traveling to Tarkio to pick them up so MO Concrete will not have to worry about shipping them.

The Tarkio manufacturing business will make around 3,000 pavers per week and will employ five employees to start. Josh said he hopes to see the number of employees double every six months or so. The cement for the lightweight pavers will be mixed from companies located in Maryville, Platte City, and St. Louis. A truck will transport the material to the new Tarkio location and pump it in through a chute in the building and will fill the molds laid out. MO Concrete will begin making their first order of pavers in the next week or two.