Fairfax R-3 preschool students made turkey hats for Thanksgiving. Pictured, from left to right, are: front row – Nash Stevens, Charlie White, Elliott Thomas, and Ivan Gibilisco; and back row – Annistyn Schebaum, Taylor Long, Jack Clement, and Kooper Long. Jackson Zumbrunnen is also pictured.

Students at the Fairfax R-3 preschool have been talking about some things that they are thankful for. Their teacher, Lauren Clark, asked, “What are you thankful for?” Their replies are as follows:

Jack – I’m thankful for my family.

Ivan – I’m thankful for cake!

Kooper – I’m thankful for Play-doh and Taylor.

Taylor – I’m thankful for my dog and this whole world.

Annistyn – I’m thankful for my elephant.

Nash – I’m thankful for birthday cake.

Elliott – I’m thankful for Goldfish and applesauce.

Charlie – I’m thankful for Play-doh.

Jackson – I’m thankful for fishing with my mom.