Winds howled for most of the afternoon and night Wednesday, December 15, 2021, across the Midwest, plowing down whatever stood in its way. In Tarkio, at least one resident measured winds at 114 mph. Smoke from fires burning in Kansas blew across three states and could be smelled in towns and cities hundreds of miles away, as if a fire raged there. It was a crazy December day! Thursday morning, the damage was very evident, as every block driven showed tree or property damage. Electricity was knocked out for more than one thousand in Atchison County alone and linemen were still working to restore power to some on Friday, December 17.

A carport behind the Big T Motel in Tarkio lifted off the ground and flew up onto some wires and partially onto the motel’s roof. It took several days to get the entire mess cleaned up.

This tree branch could have fallen either left or right onto neighboring homes of Jamie and Melody Barnett or Lois and Darrell Wiley in Tarkio, but luckily it fell in the empty yard directly between the two.

A huge portion of an old tree next to the Rebecca and Charles Viets home on Main Street in Tarkio collapsed over the sidewalk and beside their house.

The Missouri Department of Transportation storage barn on Highway 136 outside of Rock Port was completely demolished by the wind.

A street light and sign fell onto the Bank Midwest building in Rock Port, slightly damaging the bank’s sign. Even though the pole has been cleaned up, a section on the east side of Main Street now has no lights because they were connected to that one pole.

Part of the metal roof on the home of Dick and Sandy Zach outside of Rock Port was peeled back like a can and blown off.

Tree branches and brush lie across Hillside Drive in Rock Port, blocking the road.

The wind that blew through Fairfax left quite a mess to clean up for the residents, as several trees, limbs, and branches littered properties across town.

Besides county residents having to clean up messes created in their own yards, debris from nearby properties flew through the air and landed in various locations (some quite far from their original “homes”). This metal blew uphill and landed next to a house in Fairfax.