The boa constrictor hangs out on presenter Jillian Lenz’s shoulder and back as she makes her way around the room in Rock Port talking about this reptile.

Those attending the Wildlife Encounters, sponsored by the Atchison County Library, learned a lot about the animals presented. For instance, the kinkajou, which somewhat resembles a monkey, is not related to monkeys at all, but is related to raccoons.

Wildlife Encounters’ presenter Jillian Lenz told Charlotte Wright to hold out her hands and close her eyes and guess what animal she was holding. Charlotte got to hold a tortoise.

Wildlife Encounters’ baby red kangaroo was a fan favorite.

Annistyn Schebaum was selected to come to the front and close her eyes as the handler brought out the next animal. Annistyn opened her eyes to a tortoise.

Alicia White brought her daughters to the Fairfax Community Room. Cammie and Charlie got up close with an armadillo.

Atchison County youth got the experience of a lifetime on Monday, June 13, when the three branches of the Atchison County Library hosted Wildlife Encounters as part of Oceans of Possibilities Summer Reading. Animals presented (shown by handler Jillian Lenz) included a Joey (baby kangaroo), three-banded armadillo, kinkajou, tortoise, alligator, and boa constrictor. Wildlife Encounters of Nebraska is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that is dedicated to educating the public about our natural world while offering a home for animals in need for over 30 years.