The Rock Port Future Golfers Program started Tuesday, June 14, with their first group of second graders to fifth graders. Sixteen youth golfers were on hand to start learning the basics and 15 mentors were also ready to help guide the future golfers as they learned about the game of golf. The class for the older group of golfers will be held next week. Both groups of golfers will take part in a tournament at Mozingo Lake Golf Course. Pictured above, from left to right, are: front row – Kyler Culp, Louie Leseberg, Bertie Meyerkorth, Kinsley Nuckolls, Lucy Ottmann, Maeve Roup, Ali Ellis, Isla Gipson, and Joci Culp; second row – Ethan Hunter, Kaden Perry, Kayden Schultz, Nash Schomburg, Archer Meyerkorth, Jarrett Jackson, Jagger Jones, and Mark Bennington; third row – Ross Hastert, Stan Griffin, Amy Moore, Sue Owen, Jacob Erdman, Debbie True, Brock Nuckolls, and Don Meyer; and back row – Tad Gebhards, Ethan Sickels, Lee Roy Sickman, Wayne Moore, Dick Moore and Sharon Meyer.