“Freaky Friday” is about a mother Katherine Blake (Mikaela Sons, right) and daughter Ellie Blake (Kylie Nuckolls, left) who discover they have somehow switched bodies and have to experience life as the other until they can figure out how to switch back.

Liberty Theatre’s production of Disney’s “Freaky Friday: A New Musical” opened last weekend in Rock Port. The performance will take place again this coming Friday and Saturday at 7:00 p.m. and Sunday at 2:30 p.m.

Grant Spiegel plays the annoying, but adorable little brother Fletcher Blake, who likes to use sock puppets.

Kristi Spellman and Rebekah Gebhards play two hilarious cops. Also pictured is Kylie Nuckolls.

Kyle Stuart plays Adam, Ellie Blake’s crush.

Clint Dougherty plays Katherine Blake’s fiancé, Mike.

Teachers Señor O’Brien (Ryan Harms) and Mrs. Luckenbill (Rebekah Gebhards) and counselor Dr. Ehrin (Jesse Ferguson) hold a meeting to discuss Ellie Blake’s performance/attendance at school or lack thereof. (More pictures on page 10.)

Daughter Ellie Blake is stuck in her mother, Katherine Blake’s body (played by Mikaela Sons, left) and has to pretend to know how to run her mother’s catering business and fool her mother’s assistant/sous chef, Torrey (played by Erica Taylor, right).

Kylie Nuckolls (playing Katherine Blake, stuck in her daughter’s body), and Mikaela Sons (playing Ellie Blake, stuck in her mother’s body), walk down the aisle trying to decide what to do as Katherine’s fiancé waits at the altar. Harlee Pritt, a wedding attendee, is also pictured.

Rebekah Gebhards plays a number of parts in “Freaky Friday” including Mrs. Time.

Christina Hall plays Ellie Blake’s rival, Savannah.

Kristi Spellman plays Ellie Blake’s crazy gym teacher. Liberty Theatre’s production of “Freaky Friday” also had lots of local “extras” who did a fantastic job rounding out the cast.

“Freaky Friday: A New Musical” opened Friday, June 17, at the Liberty Theatre in Rock Port. The final performances will be Friday and Saturday, June 24 and 25, at 7:00 p.m. and Sunday, June 26, at 2:30 p.m. Tickets (general admission seating) are $15 for adults and $5 for 12 and under. To reserve tickets call 660-744-5599.

The musical is directed by Devon Sons. Cast members are: Kylie Nuckolls, Mikaela Sons, Grant Spiegel, Clint Dougherty, Claire Spiegel, Lizzie Schlueter, Kyle Stuart, Christina Hall, Gabe Gebhards, Austin Helfers, Abbie Harms, Erica Taylor, Ryan Harms, Rebekah Gebhards, Kristi Spellman, and Jesse Ferguson; and student ensemble: Audrey Dougherty, Reese Herron, Isabella Kroeger, Harlee Pritt, Kennedi Seiter, Arianna Shimmel, and Sophia Storm.

The crew includes: Jan Carpenter, stage/prop manager; Lori Helfers, backstage assistance; Scott Deatz, set builder/sound engineer; Elliot Smith, locker/cabinet/hourglass designer/builder and lighting designer; Molly Carpenter, lighting technician; Kristi Spellman and Erica Taylor, set painting; Christina Hall, choreographer; and Mackenzie Zielke, fight choreographer.

Orchestra members are: Richard Boettner, piano; Amanda Sheeley, Bradley Sheeley, and Zach Ringo, woodwinds; Abby Palmer, Amanda Sutton, trumpet; John Salehi, trombone; Andy Wiederholt, bass; and Mark Reinig, percussion.

The Liberty Theatre is located inside the Atchison County Memorial Building at 417 S. Main.