The Rock Port R-II School Board of Education held a regular meeting June 16, 2022.

President Jeremy Davis called the meeting to order at 6:00 p.m. in the board room. Others in attendance were Joanna Burke, Regan Griffin, Reven Herron, Jared Meyerkorth, Afton Schomburg, and Kayla Sierks. Also present were Superintendent Ethan Sickels, Board Secretary Debbie Young and the following guests: Rachel Jenkins, Travis Jenkins, Stephen Gaines, and Debbie Makings.

The agenda was adopted and the minutes of the regular meeting of May 12, 2022, were approved. Dr. Sickels reviewed the financial information for the month ending May 2022. The transfer of funds, May final check register, the June check register to date and the activity account checks were approved. During communications, Dr. Sickels read thank you notes from Kerri Acton and Wendy Hays. During scheduled audience, Rachel Jenkins addressed the board regarding track coaching referencing correspondence she had previously sent to the board members. President Davis thanked her for her presentation and the guests left the meeting.

Dr. Waigand reported elementary attendance for May was 96.6% (203 students). The awards assembly was held on May 19.  Several student achievements were recognized, including reading goals met, superior achievement (80th percentile or higher) on NWEA, and superior growth (80th percentile or higher) on NWEA. A few notable results included: Superior Achievement in math, reading, and/or language – 47 students, Superior Growth in math, reading, and/or language – 71 students, and Reading goals met all four quarters – 89 students (an additional 33 students met goals three quarters). Dr. Waigand extended congratulations to Mrs. Stacy Hughes, kindergarten teacher, on being named the Elementary Outstanding Educator of the Year. A well-deserved honor and tribute to the many years (31) she has given to the district. Reading goal tracker – 9,459.6 AR points for the school year, surpassing the goal of 9,000 AR points. Students enjoyed time in the bounce houses on May 17 to celebrate meeting the school-wide goal. Dr. Waigand thanked Chris Shimmel and his crew for the bounce houses. Students are already talking about setting the goal for 10,000 points next year. Summer School 2022 “Wild about Learning” has been a big success. Fifty students ranging from grades kindergarten through sixth grade participated in summer school. Daily prizes were handed out, learning targets identified, and a culminating celebration was held June 10 at the Rock Port pool. Handbook changes and a preliminary schedule for 2022-23 were reviewed as well as staff professional development.   

Mr. Parsons reported high school attendance through May 24, 2022, was 94.43% (146 students). Results from state golf and state track were reviewed as well as year-end athletic awards. The History Club trip to Europe was a great success and they are already beginning to plan for the summer 2024 trip. Updates to the 2022-23 handbook were reviewed as well as several upcoming dates and activities.

Dr. Sickels presented the monthly program evaluation report on OPAA! Food Service. He reported on the latest information on MSIP 6 as well as pending school related legislation discussed at the last Northwest MASA meeting. He noted Governor Parsons has not yet signed into law the bill that includes a grant for a certified salary supplement to fund an increase to those under $38,000.00. He requested the board hold a special meeting on Thursday, June 18, 2022, at 7:30 a.m. for the purpose of approving the 2022-23 certified salary schedule in hopes it will have final approval. There were no board member reports.

The board then proceeded to address several items of new business. Action was taken to approve the final 2021-22 bus routes, to approve amendments to the 2021-22 budget, to approve updates to the Safe Return to In-Person Instruction & Continuity of Services Plan, and to approve the 2022-23 Vo-Tech Transportation contract with Tarkio R-I. Consideration was given to the purchase of HUDL for the athletic department with action taken to approve the quote of $8,000 for the annual subscription. Action was taken to approve the 2022-23 extra-duty salary schedule, to approve 2022-23 contracts for vision impairment services with Royal Vision and Doug Pappert, and to approve an amendment to the Citizens Bank & Trust banking agreement.

The board then adjourned to executive session for personnel matters. Upon returning to open session, the board reported no action was taken in closed session.

Action was then taken to accept the resignation of Rachel Jenkins from her extra-duty contract as track coach and to offer an employment agreement to Jennifer Welch as superintendent’s secretary/bookkeeper and board secretary.

Following a brief discussion of future business items, the meeting was adjourned.