Nic Schebaum of Tarkio is the new City of Tarkio police officer. Officer Schebaum has been patrolling the city since he graduated from the Missouri Western State University Law Enforcement Academy on June 10, 2022.

Encouraged by his cousin Andy Riley, mother Cyndi Meier, and father Carl Riley to pursue the career he’s always wanted, Nic signed up for classes. The City of Tarkio contracted with Nic to pay for his schooling with the agreement he would serve Tarkio for at least five years. For Nic, someone who has lived in Tarkio almost his entire life, that’s not a problem. “I wanted to become a cop because I wanted to help people and help make Tarkio a little bit safer. I was a criminal justice major in college so that gave me some insight into the policing world. I’ve lived in Tarkio so long that it definitely makes it easier to respond to calls or if anyone needs anything. I want to help get the drugs out of Tarkio to the best of my ability. I also want everyone to believe and trust the police again so I’ll try to be as professional as possible with everyone I encounter.”

If you see Nic, give him a wave or stop and welcome him to the force.