The Fairfax Improvement Foundation (FIF) has initiated an important safety measure for the City of Fairfax and needs immediate assistance. It would be most helpful and perhaps a lifesaving measure if each household in Fairfax could have sizeable, appropriate, and correct house numbers on the front of each house in town. Reflective type numbers would be even better.

The Atchison-Holt Ambulance District, the Fairfax Fire Department, area First Responders, the Fairfax Board of Aldermen, and the Atchison County Sheriff’s Office are working in conjunction with FIF on this important project. 

Emergency service officials recommend that numbers be at least 4” tall, be a color that stands out against your house, and be placed where they can be easily seen from the street, especially at night. Aluminum plates with a numbered reflective material make for the ideal house number.

If you are a landlord, please be sure to check with each rental property that you own, whether it has a house on it or not. If you are not sure what the correct house number is, Fairfax Improvement Foundation can help you with that also. 

If for some reason you are unable to attain this goal, contact Marilyn Alldredge at 660-744-3146 so FIF may be able to assist you. FIF’s goal is to have this project completed by September 30. Please call Marilyn with any questions or concerns you may have.