RPHS Homecoming Queen and King

Kylie Nuckolls and Phillip Herron are the 2022 RPHS Homecoming Queen and King. Crownbearers were Ryne Shrader, left, and Wynne Griffin, right. (See page 6 for more homecoming pictures.)


The Grand Marshals of this year’s homecoming parade were Ron and Sue Owen. They have been longtime supporters of the Rock Port Blue Jays.


The little twirlers got in on the action as they marched in the parade and showed off their skills.


The sophomore class showed their spirit with signs pointing the way to a Blue Jay victory.


The cheerleaders played We bet we can make you laugh” and Brecken Kelly was the first senior to go out.


Caleb Lucas tries his hand at helping Kylie Nuckolls put on her make-up. What do you think?


Payten Shrader flies high during the pep rally on Main Street.


The Rock Port band kept everyone going at the bonfire with the fight song.


Elementary cheerleaders started the halftime off with a round of cheers they had learned earlier in the week.


Lucy Ottmann shows her spirit as Kamryn Lair, Kinsley Nuckolls, Ali Ellis, and Bertie Meyerkorth lift her up.


The Rock Port band played a medley of Queen songs for the halftime performance.


The RPHS homecoming royalty, from left to right, included Lily Shineman and Cooper Daugherty, seventh grade attendants; Tayden Cook and Emma Teten, freshman attendants; Rylee Jenkins, junior attendant; Mikayla Makings and Morgan Cofer, queen candidates; Queen Kylie Nuckolls and King Phillip Herron; Caleb Lucas and Brecken Kelly, king candidates; Cade Makings, junior attendant; Cali Driskell and Ryan Lucas, sophomore attendants; and Morgan Garst and Gabriel Gebhards, eighth grade attendants. Crownbearers were Ryne Shrader and Wynne Griffin.