The City of Tarkio Board of Aldermen met Wednesday, September 14, 2022, at 6:00 p.m. at City Hall. The Pledge of Allegiance was conducted. Roll call was done by City Clerk Danielle Madron: aldermen Scott Poppa, Jeff Agnew, and Andy Riley were all present. Alderwoman Blu Dow was absent.

Announcements: Friendship Day will be held September 24 starting at 5:00 p.m.

Mayor Mark Staten asked for the approval of regular meeting minutes from August 10 and special meeting minutes from August 12, as distributed. Poppa made the motion to accept the minutes and the motion was seconded and approved. There were no additions to the agenda.

Visitors were: City of Tarkio employees – Street Superintendent Jamie Quimby, Parks employee Chris Niles, Building Inspector Jesse Payne, Chief of Police Tyson Gibbons, and Police Officer Tyler Dorrel; Tarkio Park and Recreation Department board members Summer Reeves, Ashlee Driskell, and Brooke Vette; Brian Coomes with Olsson, Inc.; Gene Bradley with Atchison-Holt Ambulance District; and Tarkio citizens Brooks Hurst and Donnie Dockins.

Gene Bradley with the Atchison-Holt Ambulance District spoke to the board about the new ambulance barn. When COVID-19 hit, the plans for putting the new building on the corner of 3rd and Main streets had to be pushed back. The ambulance district is ready to start moving forward with the project, which could take the next two to three years to complete.

Brian Coomes with Olsson Inc. presented the lowest bid for the City of Tarkio hangar building at the Gould Peterson Municipal Airport. The bid from Al J. Mueller came in at $457,214.70. With the FAA funding and grants, the city’s 10% match would be $12,355.00. The city already voted to set aside $8,001.00 for this project, so an additional $4,354.00 will be needed. Riley made a motion to accept the bid. Agnew seconded and three ayes voted to approve the motion and the second. The motion passed.

Mayor Staten read by title Bill 282.22 Ordinance 268.22: An Ordinance Authorizing The Execution Of Olsson, Inc. Consultant Supplemental Agreement No. 1, To Project No. 22-001A-1 City Hangar, For Consultant Construction Services For A City Hangar At The Gould Peterson Municipal Airport By And Between The City Of Tarkio, Missouri, A Municipal Corporation, To Provide Airport Improvement For The City Of Tarkio, Pending Concurrence From MoDOT And Receipt Of Federal Grant, And Authorizing The Mayor And City Clerk Of The City Of Tarkio, Missouri, To Execute The Same By And On Behalf Of Said City. Riley made a motion to approve Bill 282.22 Ordinance 268.22. Poppa seconded and all approved.

Mayor Staten gave the second reading of Bill 282.22 Ordinance 268.22. A motion was made and seconded and all voted aye. Bill 282.22 Ordinance 268.22 was adopted.

Mayor Staten read by title Bill No. 283.22 Ordinance No. 269.22: An Ordinance Adopting An Amended Budget For The City Of Tarkio’s Fiscal Year April 1, 2021, To March 31, 2022. Riley made a motion to approve Bill No. 283.22 Ordinance No. 269.22. A motion was made and seconded and all voted aye.

Mayor Staten gave the second reading of Bill No.283.22 Ordinance No. 269.22. Poppa made a motion to approve Bill No. 283.22 Ordinance No. 269.22. The motion was seconded and approved. Bill No. 283.22 Ordinance No. 269.22 was adopted.

There have been some concerns about what the new storage facility for Ag Partners will do to the traffic flow on 1st Street. Quimby spoke to Gary Henson and they believe the harvest traffic will be less than years before due to the storage capacity of the new building.

The board discussed the command structure in the different departments within the city. The board has liaisons for each department. If there is an issue, it needs to go to that department’s appointed liaison to be taken care of.

The Park Board president presented the Board of Aldermen with a proposed job description for the position of parks superintendent and animal control officer. The board would like time to look over it and make some possible changes and they will get back to the park board with their revisions.

Clerk Madron spoke to the board about setting up a savings account to put the ARPA funding in to earn some interest on the funds. The board thought it would be a good idea to do so. Clerk Madron will get things set up with the bank and move forward from there.

The board and mayor were given information on the employee salaries. The past few years all employees received a 3% cost of living increase. This discussion was tabled until closed session.

Department Reports

Blu Dow, City Buildings – The city is still waiting on the doors to come in for the evidence room and the community building. Danny Beckman will be completing the tuck pointing on the front of City Hall as soon as he is finished with his phase of work at the baseball field.

Jeff Agnew, Fire Department – Clerk Madron presented estimates on the cancer insurance package that is available to the fire department volunteers. There are three different levels. Clerk Madron will be getting a quote on the $300,000 policy and bring the totals back to the board for approval.

Andy Riley, Parks & Pool – Mason with KC Gunite came to meet with Agnew and Riley about the issues at the Tarkio Municipal Pool. He was very informative and optimistic about the pool issues being able to be fixed. The estimated cost will be between $50,000 and $100,000. More discussion will be had closer to the beginning of the new budget year to discuss moving forward.

Scott Poppa, Street Department – Quimby’s report:

• Repairs and Equipment – There was an issue with the skid steer. Quimby contacted Keim Equipment in Hamburg, Iowa. Upon their suggestions, the street department started with a new hydraulic filter and an oil change. This did not help the issue, so Keim sent a technician down and he made adjustments to the hydraulic system. The machine is now operating with no issues.

• Tube Install – A new tube was installed on 1st Street in the alleyway that leads into the Hy-Vee parking lot. There was also some ditch work done.

• Tube Cleaning – Quimby was able to get a fire truck to help clean the tubes at 11th and Pine. There is some damage to a collection box at this location that will need to be repaired next year. The tube located at the Tarkio Golf Course drive was also cleaned out during this time.

• Storm Drain Repair – The storm drain located at the north corner of 6th and Main had a hole developing in the yard causing some issues. Quimby had repair work done to this drain. Quimby also had a hole repaired at the storm drain on the corner of 10th and Pine, just South of the Big T Motel.

• Brush Pile – On September 12, 2022, the brush pile was set on fire to burn down the yard waste that had been deposited there.

• Winter Prep – There is salt stock piled and ready at the maintenance barn for the upcoming winter.

• 1st Street Fall Traffic – Quimby visited with Gary Henson at Ag Partners about the traffic on 1st Street after the new grain facility opens. Henson stated that there should actually be less traffic than before because trucks coming in to dump will not be making multiple trips now between weighing and dumping. There will also not be trucks hauling out grain constantly since Ag Partners now has more storage than before.

Mark Staten, Airport – There was nothing to report.

Dow entered the meeting at 7:25 p.m.

Chris Niles, Animal control – Chris has had several calls from out of town about animals that needed to be picked up. Due to insurance and liability reasons, the City of Tarkio can not take animals that are out of city limits.

Tyson Gibbons, Police Department – There is a dent in the 694 police vehicle in the front quarter panel. The K-9 unit received new equipment from Protected Paws, a K-9 first aid kit. Chief Gibbons has applied for another MIRMA grant for care and WBC equipment that has already been obtained. Reserve Officer Richard Lock will be leaving and moving to south Missouri at the end of October. A new microphone and mic holder were purchased for the 694 police car. Chief Gibbons will be ordering the new radio system for the patrol cars. The total amount will be $48,502.16. The city will be using ARPA funds to make this purchase

Danielle Madron, Financials – Clerk Madron approached the board on behalf of Tarkio Tech about waiving the rental fees for the Community Building. They have a standing deposit with the city currently. Riley made a motion to waive the rental fees for Tarkio Tech. Poppa seconded and four ayes approved the motion and the second. The motion passed.

A break was taken from 7:55 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.

Mayor Staten announced an executive session would be held per Chapter 610.021 Section 3, Hiring, firing, disciplining or promoting a particular employee, etc. A motion to enter into executive session was made, seconded, and approved. A discussion was had about the cost-of-living raises. The executive session was closed.

Riley made a motion to give all current employees a 3% cost of living raise. Agnew seconded and four ayes voted to accept the motion and second. The increase was approved.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:45 p.m. The next regular meeting will be October 12, 2022, at 6:00 p.m.