Drum Majorette Faith Anderson leads the Marching Indians down Main Street in the fall homecoming parade. This year, the band is marching to Led Zepplin’s Immigrant Song.


This year’s EA Fall Homecoming Theme for Tarkio students was “Happy Holidays, EA!” Each class picked a holiday and decorated windows, banners, and floats to go with that theme. The students had a fun time with it and did a fantastic job! The overall winners were the juniors (pictured at top with their Halloween float). They also won the window contest and float contest. The seniors (pictured above with their Christmas float) won the banner contest.


EA Booster Club members Beth Graves, Jackie Martin, and Mandy Smith threw out goodies.


We aren’t for sure who enjoys the homecoming parades more, those who watch or those who take part! Here are the “Easter bunnies” – the Tarkio 6th graders.


Nora Lundquist, Trysta Page, and Savannah Beckman were among the preschoolers throwing out candy (maybe that’s why they look so serious, no candy for them).


Abbie Harms and Brooklyn Wennihan have a laugh during the three-legged race.


Tarkio Elementary students were pumped for the pep rally!


The egg on a spoon race was pretty difficult.


Gift wrapping a person is a lot of fun, except for maybe the person who is wrapped like a mummy. Jarrad Jamison (above) and Bresayda Jimenez (below) were good sports.


Halloween costume dress-up contest was a hoot!


Digging for gummy bears through whipped cream was a bit messy!


East Atchison dance team members performed for the homecoming football game crowd. Dancers are, from left to right, Kierra McDonald, Zoe Madron, Tessa Rolf, Emilee Caudill, Tommi Martin, Kelsea Kirwan, and Jasey Smith.


Cowen O’Riley’s cross country skills were put to use during East Atchison’s homecoming football game. Every time the Wolves scored a touchdown, Cowen would run the flag down the track.


East Atchison cheerleader Dalaynie Drummond flies through the air during a stunt performed at the homecoming football game.


The student section cheers on the East Atchison Lady Wolves in the varsity volleyball game held Tuesday, September 13, at the TAC. (Patti Griffith photo)


A football jersey auction was held Tuesday night for the East Atchison Wolves, with proceeds raised being divided up between both schools. A total of $1,900 was raised. (Patti Griffith photo)


Tarkio students painted windows of Main Street businesses in celebration of East Atchison’s Fall Homecoming last week. The seniors painted the windows of Farmers State Bank; the juniors, the Post Office; the sophomores, ABY Fitness; the freshmen, Rogers Pharmacy; 8th graders, Agnew building; 7th graders, Soaks Em Clean; and 6th graders, Atchison County Veterinary Clinic.