Submitted by Dr. Ethan Sickels

Rock Port R-II Superintendent

Time flies in the world of education and by the time you read this we will only have 15 school days left until our Winter Break. Unreal how fast it goes, and yet our students and staff continue to work hard and impress me daily.

During this time of year, it’s always important to focus on things you are thankful for, and Blue Jay Nation certainly has something to celebrate. Rock Port R-II was named the Missouri Association of Rural Education (MARE) Outstanding Rural School District of the Year. What a fantastic honor that truly speaks to the dedication and achievements of our students, staff, parents, and community. This isn’t an award we earned over the past few months…this is years of hard work and effort by everyone involved. I can’t thank you enough for your support of our efforts here in achieving fantastic results, both academically and in our activity/athletic pursuits.

We are still in the preliminary stages of planning for our upcoming no tax increase bond issue, but it will start moving fast and furious over the next couple of months. With construction costs changing daily, and funding out there for energy improvements, we are striving to obtain the most “bang for our buck.” Veregy, the company we are utilizing for this project, is planning to provide us a few different floor plans early in December. Once we have everything nailed down, we will start sharing the design and information about the upcoming issue. Simply put, it is time for the dome to go and for energy efficient upgrades in our elementary as well. I’m excited to see what they propose and what the future of education at Rock Port R-II will be for our current students, and for future generations.

As we enter the holiday season, I hope you can relax a little bit and spend time with friends and family around the Thanksgiving holiday. If you travel, be safe, and remember it’s never worth it to turn down the dessert. As always, I leave you with three important words . . . GO BIG BLUE!