The Tarkio R-I Board of Education met November 16, 2022, at Tarkio High School. The meeting was called to order by board president Garrett Wood at 7:00 p.m. Board members who were in attendance were: Jamie Barnett, Josh Wright, Heather Olson, Brooke Vette and Sam Hannah. Chris Yates was absent. Others in attendance were: board secretary Lanette Hogue, Tarkio R-I Superintendent Carrie Livengood, Tarkio Elementary Principal/Tarkio R-I Special Education Director Kari Taylor, Tarkio High School Principal Nick Kemerling, Bruce Johnson, and Tarkio R-I teachers and staff members Markie Sundermann, Jennifer Peregrine, Brooke Walton, Deyton Thomson, and Dallas Prather.

The consent agenda was approved. The board voted to accept the Board of Education filing dates of December 6-27, 2022. District obligations were also approved.

CTA and TAC reports were shared.

Bruce Johnson with LJ Hart was present to answer questions and present a preliminary financial analysis on the lease purchase project.

Mrs. Taylor reported that the elementary has 168 students enrolled preschool through 5th grade. The October attendance rate is 92%. The elementary had a 96% attendance rate for parent teacher conferences. On November 11, the kindergarten participated in the Veterans Day assembly in the high school.

As Special Education Director, Mrs. Taylor reported that they continue to work on referrals.

High School Principal Nick Kemerling reported there are 168 children enrolled 6th-12th grades. The attendance rate for October was 86%. Mr. Kemerling reported that the fall sports are wrapping up and winter sports are underway.

Superintendent Carrie Livengood gave a financial report. The district ended October with $1.475 million more than last year at the end of October. Mrs. Livengood shared a newsletter from Tarkio Tech.  She also shared a newsletter from the food service director and reported on the changes she made to the MSIP/CSIP plan.

Facilities Update – Veregy has had people in the district consistently. Mrs. Livengood and a few board members will meet with Veregy to discuss updated numbers and scope of work.

Jamie Barnett moved and Sam Hannah seconded to approve Mark Staten’s retirement at the end of the 2022-2023 school year.

Jamie moved and Heather Olson seconded to approve to hire Grant Turnbull as an assistant wrestling coach.

Mrs. Taylor and Mr. Kemerling shared the school’s assessment scores and how they compared to the state.  The scores are embargoed until December 1, 2022, so they can’t share information on how Tarkio scores compared to the other area schools.

2021-22 audit – They have received the rough draft audit and the final draft will be approved at the board meeting in December.

Technology Plan – Jamie Barnett moved and Josh Wright seconded to approve the technology plan as presented.  The motion carried 6-0.

The meeting moved into closed session pursuant to RSMo § 610.001, Record and vote at 9:00 p.m.

The meeting moved out of closed session and adjourned at 9:32 p.m.