A cast of Tarkio High School students and directors performed Chicago The Musical to a packed auditorium Friday through Sunday, November 18 through 20, 2022. Pictured are, from left to right: first row – directors Nathaniel Wehmeyer, Casey Martin, and Melody Barnett; second row (sitting) – Addison Noland, Daniel Lesher, Claire Martin, Faith Anderson, Ian Stepp, and Alex Barnett; third row – River Dow, Connor Morton, Kale Lekey, Kayden Levendahl, Gabe Harms, Tyler Donaldson, Connor Brown, Bo Peregrine, Keaton Romeo-McCanless, and Quin Staten; and fourth row – Olivia Schaefer, Brezie Bywater, Alyson Wooten, Dylan Drummond, Sydnee Bruns, Kamryn Brown, Lizzie Schlueter, Jillian Hannah, Abbie Harms, Zoe Madron, Jayla Irvine, Rainy Nordhause, and Jaeka Wiley. (Shannon Bruns photos)


Faith Anderson as Velma Kelly led a superb cast of leading ladies.


Claire Martin and Ian Stepp gave fantastic portrayals of Roxie Hart and Billy Flynn, as did Gabe Harms, River Dow, Tyler Donaldson, Connor Brown, Addison Noland, Quin Staten, and Keaton Romeo-McCanless in their supporting roles.


Addison Noland sings about why her character Annie has found herself in jail, due to murdering her significant other.


Also adding to the antics was Daniel Lesher as Amos Hart.


Alex Barnett kept the crowd entertained as Matron “Mama” Morton.