The Board of Aldermen of the City of Fairfax held a regular meeting January 18, 2023. The meeting was called to order by Mayor Ryan Kingery at 6:33 p.m. Also in attendance were: Lori Helfers, City Clerk; Kristi Duering, Debra Wyatt, and Shannon Long, Aldermen; John Brown, Water Superintendent; Greg Smith and Mark Adams, Fairfax Rural Fire District; and Jill Kingery, Fairfax Optimist Club.

Mark Adams and Greg Smith, Fairfax Rural Fire District, were present to go over the fire agreement between the City of Fairfax and the Fairfax Rural Fire District. Greg presented the council with a yearly update.

Jill Kingery, Fairfax Optimist Club, was present to discuss the Fairfax Baseball Field Project. A matching grant has been received from Royal Charities, the charitable foundation of the Kansas City Royals, for $15,000.00 for field resurfacing and renovations. The renovations will be done in several phases depending on money. Several volunteers are ready to help and the city would not be financially obligated.

The minutes of the meeting held December 15, 2022, were approved.

The aldermen also approved accounts payable.

New Business

Two applications have been received for the position of treasurer. The council will review applications and set up interviews.

Staff Reports

Danny Kemerling submitted the treasurer’s report showing all accounts were in balance.

Lori Helfers updated the council on ordinance violations.

John Brown shared an email from Jerrie Dearmont, Northwest Missouri Regional Council of Governments, stating that Snyder & Associates has completed the specs and planning for the CDBG street grant. The city should be ready to advertise for bids in about two weeks.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:15 p.m. The next meeting will be February 15, 2023.