Lady Wolf Faith Anderson not only won the high jump, but she also set a new Indian Relays record with a height of 1.65m.


East Atchison’s Tommi Martin broke the Indian Relays javelin throw record with a throw of 39.75m. She also won and set a new record in the 800 meter run. (Traci Martin photo)


EA’s Lizzie Schlueter hurdled into first place in both the 100 and 300 meter hurdles at Indian Relays.


Rock Port’s Gus Heintz tied for 4th place in the pole vault with a height of 2.44m at Indian Relays in Tarkio.


Lady Wolf Payton Woodring tied for 2nd in the high jump with a height of 1.52m.


EA’s Jarrett Spinnato placed 3rd in the high jump at Indian Relays with a height of 1.63m.


Lady Blue Jay Payten Shrader placed 6th in the 100 meter hurdles and 5th in the 300 meter hurdles.


Wolf Owen DeRosier placed 2nd in the long jump with a distance of 5.47m.


East Atchison’s Dylan Drummond runs her leg of the 4×800. She also placed 4th in the 800 meter run with a time of 2.48.40.


EA’s Brayden Smith placed 12th in the shot put with a put of 9.77m.


East Atchison’s Dalaynie Drummond placed 5th in the pole vault with a height of 1.98m.


Rock Port’s Trulin Pankau placed 7th in the 300 meter hurdles with a time of 50.58.


Rock Port’s Cali Driskell placed 10th in the shot put with a put of 7.37m.


Lady Wolf Jayla Irvine, left, and Lady Blue Jay Norah Watkins, second from right, begin the 3200 meter run. Norah placed 2nd and Jayla placed 3rd.


East Atchison’s Grace Oswald placed 4th in the pole vault with a height of 2.28m.


Lady Wolf Rainy Nordhausen placed 8th in the shot put with a put of 7.78m.


East Atchison’s Natalie Hedlund won the 200 meter dash with a time of 28.83.


Rock Port’s Jacoby Driskell placed 3rd in the 300 meter hurdles with a time of 56.02.


Rock Port’s Bracton Cook tied for 7th in the 100 meter dash with a time of 12.44.


Rock Port’s Kylie Nuckolls placed 3rd in the 200 meter dash with a time of 30.59.

Photos by the Atchison County Mail and Ken Miller

The East Atchison high school track teams hosted the 49th Indian Relays April 21, 2023, at Kyle Field and the David Palmeiro Stadium in Tarkio, Missouri.

Five new records were set at this year’s meet. In the girls’ javelin event, Tommi Martin had a throw of 39.75 meters, breaking the previous record of 37.42 meters she set in 2022. Tommie also set a new record in the 800 meter run with a time of 2:23.63, breaking the record of 2:26.6 set by Swofford of Maysville in 1985. Faith Anderson jumped 1.68 meters (5’6”) in the high jump, breaking the record of 5’4” set in 1989 by Eltinte of Wymore-Southern. Emma Mercer of Albany threw the discus 37.33 meters (124’1”), breaking the record of 119’5” set by Murphy of South Page in 1994. Mya Wray of  Platte Valley won the 3200 meter run with a time of 12:04.41, breaking the record of 12:14.36 set by Riley of Platte Valley in 2019.

The Lady Wolves won the home meet with a score of 139.50. Other girls’ teams participating, their placing and scores were: 2nd, Rock Port (RP) 84; 3rd, Mound City (MC), 70; 4th, Worth County (WC), 66.50; 5th, Platte Valley (PV), 57; 6th, North Andrew (NA), 39; 7th, Albany (A),36; 8th, South Holt (SH), 27; 9th, Nodaway Valley (NV), 17; 10th, Maysville, 10; and 11th, North Nodaway (NN), 1.

The Mound City boys’ team won the meet with 115 points. Other boys’ teams participating, their placing and scores were: 2nd, Worth County High School 97; 3rd, Nodaway Valley (NV), 79; 4th, Albany (A), 70; 5th, Maysville (M), 57; 6th, North Andrew (NA), 54; 7th, East Atchison (EA), 42; 8th, Platte Valley (PV), 29; 9th, Rock Port (RP), 28; 10th, North Nodaway (NN), 6; and 11th, South Holt (SH), 3.

Results of the meet are as follows:


100 Meter Dash – 1st, Brooklyn Richardson (WC), 13.44; 2nd, Audrey Gibson (MC), 13.56; 3rd, Emma Spencer (WC), 13.63; 4th, Natalie Hedlund (EA), 13.64; 5th, Brianna Biondo (SH), 14.07; 6th, Payton Woodring (EA), 14.24; 7th, Jayme McEnaney (RP), 14.78; 8th, Kylie Nuckolls (RP), 14.81; 9th, Lexi VanHoutan (SH), 14.96; 10th, Sienna Billings (PV), 15.57; 11th, Jenna Mason (PV), 18.17; 12th, Lillian Martin (M), 19.68

200 Meter Dash – 1st, Natalie Hedlund (EA), 28.83; 2nd, Jailee Flora (PV), 29.70; 3rd, Kylie Nuckolls (RP), 30.59; 4th, Addison Maifeld (RP), 31.08; 5th, Lexi VanHoutan (SH), 31.17; 6th, ZeeAnna Gladstone (WC), 31.93; 7th, Wynona Reidlinger (A), 31.85; 8th, Maggie Major (M), 35.83; 9th, Jette Pinckert (PV), 36.13

400 Meter Dash – 1st, Audrey Gibson (MC), 1:07.09; 2nd, Claire Manring (A), 1:08.35; 3rd, Kennedy White (EA), 1:13.83; 4th, Cali Driskell (RP), 1:31.94

800 Meter Run – 1st, Tommi Martin (EA), 2:23.63; 2nd, Ella Meyerkorth (RP), 2:33.20; 3rd, Jaclyn Riedinger (NA), 2:42.86; 4th, Dylan Drummond (EA), 2:48.40; 5th, Mikayla Makings (RP), 2:50.88; 6th, Reganne Fast (NV), 2:58.34; 7th, Andrea Jenkins (NN), 2:59.32; 8th, Lillian Martin (M), 3:56.31

1600 Meter Run – 1st, Mya Wray (PV), 5:37.31; 2nd, Jaclyn Riedinger (NA), 5:59.41; 3rd, Norah Watkins (RP), 5:59.54; 4th, Emalee Langford (PV), 6:37.09; 5th, Olivia Prussman (SH), 6:47.98; 6th, Andrea Jenkins (NN), 6:51.70; 7th, Emmie Akers (MC), 7:28.10; 8th, Alexis Bywater (EA), 7:42.87

3200 Meter Run – 1st, Mya Wray (PV), 12:04.41; 2nd, Norah Watkins (RP), 12:57.28; 3rd, Jayla Irvine (EA), 14:03.93; 4th, Emalee Langford (PV), 14:09.73; 5th, Olivia Prussman (SH), 14:28.23

100 Meter Hurdles – 1st, Lizzie Schlueter (EA), 17.02; 2nd, Ella Meyerkorth (RP), 17.40; 3rd, Kaleah Messer (MC), 19.05; 4th, Jailee Flora (PV), 19.32; 5th, Brylie Brincks (NA), 19.38; 6th, Payten Shrader (RP), 21.12; 7th, Karlee Ivey (MC), 23.23; 8th, Lillie Mygatt (M), 23.56

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300 Meter Hurdles – 1st, Lizzie Schlueter (EA), 49.85; 2nd, Brianna Biondo (SH), 51.77; 3rd, Jacoby Driskell (RP), 56.02; 4th, Kaleah Messer (MC), 56.24; 5th, Payten Shrader (RP), 59.67

4×100 Meter Relay – 1st, Albany, 55.80; 2nd, Worth County, 56.00; 3rd, East Atchison, 57.36; 4th, Rock Port, 59.66

4×200 Meter Relay – 1st, East Atchison, 1:58.50; 2nd, Rock Port, 2:04.37; 3rd, Worth County, 2:05.35; 4th, Mound City, 2:05.67

4×400 Meter Relay – 1st, East Atchison, 4:22.41; 2nd, Rock Port, 4:43.01; 3rd, Mound City, 4:55.15

4×800 Meter Relay – 1st, East Atchison, 10:47.04

High Jump – 1st, Faith Anderson (EA), 1.65m; 2nd (tie), Riley Ridge (WC) and Payton Woodring (EA), 1.52m; 4th, Reganne Fast (NV), 1.32m;

Pole Vault – 1st, Eva Engel (WC), 3.05m; 2nd, Ava Barnes (MC), 3.04m; 3rd, Sydney Meadows (MC), 2.29m; 4th, Grace Oswald (EA), 2.28m; 5th, Dalaynie Drummond (EA), 1.98m; 5th, Bridgette Hightshoe (WC), 1.98m

Long Jump – 1st, Natalie Hedlund (EA), 4.80m; 2nd, Sydney Meadows (MC), 4.60m; 3rd, Abigail Troncin (A), 4.57m; 4th, Emma Spencer (WC), 4.35m; 5th, Brylie Brincks (NA), 4.19m; 6th, Lexi VanHoutan (SH), 4.15m; 7th, Bresayda Jimenez (EA), 3.95m; 8th, Andrea Jenkins (NN), 3.76m; 9th, Kaylee Smith (A), 3.62m; 10th, Lilly Pankau (RP), 3.08m; 11th, Maggie Major (M), 2.87m; 12th, Lillian Martin (M), 2.40m

Triple Jump – 1st, Brianna Biondo (SH), 9.68m; 2nd, Sydney Meadows (MC), 9.51m; 3rd, Emalee Langford (PV), 9.23m; 4th, ZeeAnna Gladstone (WC), 9.19m; 5th, Brylie Brincks (NA), 9.18m; 6th, Jaclyn Riedinger (NA), 8.80m; 7th, Jailee Flora (PV), 8.72m; 8th, Jacoby Driskell (RP), 8.41m; 9th, Katelyn Fletchall (WC), 7.88m; 10th, Destiny Panning (MC), 7.21m

Shot Put – 1st, Jenna Mason (PV), 10.41m; 2nd, Ava Graham (NV), 10.31m; 3rd, Riley Walker (NA), 10.17m; 4th, Mikayla Makings (RP), 10.10m; 5th, Miranda Rieger (MC), 9.40m; 6th, Kara-Jean Staton (WC), 9.31m; 7th, Zoey Weatherd (A), 8.69m; 8th, Rainy Nordhausen (EA), 7.78m; 9th, Lillian Marcott (M), 7.49m; 10th, Cali Driskell (RP), 7.37m; 11th, Jette Pinckert (PV), 7.24m; 12th, Keeleigh Fish (A), 7.16m; 13th, Liberty Thompson (NA), 7.04m; 14th, Olivia Schaefer (EA), 6.88m; 15th, Phoebe Morris (MC), 6.68m; 16th, Charlea Johnson (NV), 6.63m; 17th, Lillie Mygatt (M), 6.13m; 18th, Emma Mazzotti (SH), 6.03m

Discus Throw – 1st, Emma Mercer (A), 37.33m; 2nd, Kara-Jean Staton (WC), 32.85m; 3rd, Riley Walker (NA), 30.88m; 4th, Ava Graham (NV), 28.64m; 5th, Libby Criger (M), 27.87m; 6th, Mikayla Makings (RP), 27.69m; 7th, Jenna Mason (PV), 24.71m; 8th, Charlea Johnson (NV), 22.25m; 9th, Emery McClintock (NA), 20.11m; 10th, Hanna Buckles (SH), 19.21m; 11th, Vivian Laird (A), 18.95m; 12th, Lillian Marcott (M), 18.38m; 13th, Rainy Nordhausen (EA), 17.66m; 14th, Cali Driskell (RP), 16.92m; 15th, Olivia Schaefer (EA), 15.37m;

Javelin Throw – 1st, Tommi Martin (EA), 39.75m; 2nd, Libby Criger (M), 29.45m; 3rd, Riley Walker (NA), 26.46m; 4th, Addison Maifeld (RP), 26.44m; 5th, Zoey Weatherd (A), 25.80m; 6th, Jenna Mason (PV), 24.80m; 7th, Andrea Jenkins (NN), 24.03m; 8th, Kara-Jean Staton (WC), 23.42m; 9th, Cali Driskell (RP), 21.88m; 10th, Reese Miles (MC), 21.29m; 11th, Rainy Nordhausen (EA), 20.39m; 12th, Vivian Laird (A), 19.80m; 13th, Charlea Johnson (NV), 14.57m; 14th, Jette Pinckert (PV), 13.53m


100 Meter Dash – 1st, Porter Davis (A), 11.47; 2nd, Jarrett Spinnato (EA), 11.57; 3rd, Kayden Gabbard (M), 11.78; 4th, Blake Bohannon (NV), 11.93; 5th, Kyle Burke (A), 12.02; 6th, Kane Derr (MC), 12.28; 7th (tie), Bracton Cook (RP) and Andrew Griffin (WC), 12.44; 9th, Chasen Piper (SH), 12.81; 10th, Owen DeRosier (EA), 12.93; 11th, Braylon Foster (MC), 13.90; 12th, Kollin Keesaman (M), 14.56; 13th, Xaden Crosby (PV), 15.64

200 Meter Dash – 1st, Reece Walker (NV), 25.48; 2nd, Blake Bohannon (NV), 26.15; 3rd, Gus Heintz (RP), 26.68; 4th, Ethan Frese (WC), 26.98; 5th, Phillip Herron (RP), 27.56; 7th, Eian Henderson (A), 29.71; 8th, Kollin Keesaman (M), 30.84

400 Meter Dash – 1st, Levi Cassavaugh (WC), 53.21; 2nd, Blake Bohannon (NV), 54.69; 3rd, Gavyn Salbury (MC), 58.82; 4th, Ethan Frese (WC), 1:00.59; 5th, Tait Morris (SH), 1:02.54; 6th, Bracton Cook (RP), 1:03.74; 7th, Aydan Blackford (NN), 1:04.84; 8th, Chase McClain (NV), 1:08.87; 9th, Quentin Jackson (RP), 1:10.85; 10th, Kegan Etter (PV), 1:12.13

800 Meter Run – 1st, Riley Blay (NV), 2:07.33; 2nd, Keaton Zembles (MC), 2:10.96; 3rd, Nicholas Ivey (MC), 2:17.39; 4th, Hunter Sollars (M), 2:22.50; 5th, Benjamin Roller (NA), 2:27.74; 6th, Ian Stepp (EA), 2:28.61; 7th, Brayden Schaefer (A), 2:37.67; 8th, Colton Morris (M), 2:37.89; 9th, Gannon Volner (NN), 2:52.46; 10th, Andrew Lager (PV), 2:52.88; 11th, Tait Morris (SH), 2:53.57; 12th, Isaac Vette (EA), 3:00.63

1600 Meter Run – 1st, Riley Blay (NV), 4:40.75; 2nd, Keaton Zembles (MC), 4:56.01; 3rd, Benjamin Roller (NA), 5:17.32; 4th, Ian Stepp (EA), 5:33.95; 5th, Colton Morris (M), 5:55.64; 6th, Andrew Lager (PV), 6:14.76; 7th, Jeremiah Vinzant (NN), 6:28.66

3200 Meter Run – 1st, Riley Blay (NV), 9:59.32; 2nd, Klayton Keesaman (M), 12:09.24; 3rd, Jacob Peery (PV), 12:29.67; 4th, Quinton Livengood (MC), 12:32.67; 5th, Logan Peery (PV), 13:22.27; 6th, Jeremiah Vinzant (NN), 14:35.05; 7th, Landon Parman (NN), 15:43.22

110 Meter Hurdles – 1st, Tanner Russo (NA), 16.54; 2nd, August Meadowns (MC), 17.34; 3rd, Chauncey Brown (MC), 18.18; 4th, John Galanakis (WC), 18.44; 5th, Lealand Otto (PV), 19.92; 6th, Brayden Combs (WC), 20.00; 7th, Dakota Patterson (NV), 20.18; 8th, Nicco Labryer (PV), 20.64

300 Meter Hurdles – 1st, Tanner Russo (NA), 42.72; 2nd, Lucas Frisch (WC), 45.06; 3rd, August Meadowns (MC), 45.30; 4th, Phillip Herron (RP), 47.58; 5th, Brayden Combs (WC), 48.77; 6th, Chauncey Brown (MC), 49.59; 7th, Trulin Pankau (RP), 50.58; 8th, Nicco Labryer (PV), 50.73; 9th, Jordan Deleon (NN), 53.16; 10th, Jacob Peery (PV), 53.79

4×100 Meter Relay – 1st, Albany, 45.54; 2nd, Worth County, 48.52; 3rd, Maysville, 49.20; 4th, East Atchison, 52.89; 5th, Platte Valley, 59.48; 6th, Nodaway Valley, 1:00.03

4×200 Meter Relay – 1st, Albany, 1:35.23; 2nd, Worth County, 1:39.93; 3rd, Mound City, 1:44.98; 4th, Maysville, 1:45.99; 5th, Rock Port, 1:47.85; 6th, East Atchison, 1:51.20; 7th, Platte Valley, 1:59.69

4×400 Meter Relay – 1st, Mound City, 3:53.45; 2nd, Albany, 4:07.17; 3rd, Platte Valley, 4:34.72

4×800 Meter Relay – 1st, Mound City, 9:20.99; 2nd, Albany, 10:10.90; 3rd, Platte Valley, 10:39.90; 4th, Rock Port, 11:09.89; 5th, North Nodaway, 11:11.55

High Jump – 1st, Blake Bohannon (NV), 1.78m; 2nd, Chauncey Brown (MC), 1.73m; 3rd, Jarrett Spinnato (EA), 1.63m; 4th (tie), John Galanakis (WC) and 4th, Gavyn Salbury (MC), 1.62m; 6th, Griffin Kemerling (SH), 1.61m; 7th, Jordan Deleon (NN), 1.60m; 8th (tie), Landon Moser (WC) and Davis Porter (A), 1.57m; 10th (tie), Tait Morris (SH) and Gavyn Irvine (EA), 1.52m

Pole Vault – 1st, Creyton Roup (MC), 2.90m; 2nd, Dylan Walker (NV), 2.74m; 3rd, Ernest Peters (MC), 2.59m; 4th (tie), Gus Heintz (RP) and Brayden Combs (WC), 2.44m; 6th, Wyatt Hill (WC), 2.29m

Long Jump – 1st, Kayden Gabbard (M), 6.20m; 2nd, Owen DeRosier (EA), 5.47m; 3rd, Landon Moser (WC), 5.31m; 4th, Kyle Burke (A), 5.22m; 5th, Aydan Blackford (NN), 4.80m; 6th, Phillip Herron (RP), 4.77m; 7th, Kollin Keesaman (M), 4.46m; 8th (tie), Landen Miller (PV) and Benjamin Roller (NA), 4.43m; 10th, Andrew Wiles (A), 4.33m; 11th, Dylan Walker (NV), 4.23m; 12th, Kegan Etter (PV), 4.00m; 13th, Dakota Patterson (NV), 3.92m; 14th, Logan Lomax (RP), 3.78m; 15th, Gannon Volner (NN), 3.44

Triple Jump – 1st, Kayden Gabbard (M), 11.85m; 2nd, Chauncey Brown (MC), 11.62m; 3rd, Andrew Griffin (WC), 11.42m; 4th, Landon Moser (WC), 11.19m; 5th, Kyle Emerson (A), 10.87m; 6th, Walker Tracy (M), 10.53m; 7th, Oren Goff (NV), 10.10m; 8th, Tait Morris (SH), 9.94m; 9th, Landen Miller (PV), 9.74m; 10th, Dakota Patterson (NV), 9.60m

Shot Put – 1st, Jase Latham (WC), 14.52m; 2nd, Jacob Chittum (NA), 13.43m; 3rd, Elias Alarcon (WC), 11.84m; 4th, Collin Hedlund (EA), 11.82m; 5th, Seth Miller (A), 11.62m; 6th, Brentyn Herron (RP), 10.56m; 7th, Dillon Russell (NV), 10.50m; 8th, Ryder Herron (RP), 10.45m; 9th, Rowen Derr (MC), 10.27m; 10th, Kal McFarland (SH), 10.23m; 11th, Lealand Otto (PV), 9.85m; 12th, Brayden Smith (EA), 9.77m; 13th, Andrew Wiles (A), 8.68m; 14th, James Denny (M), 8.64m; 15th, Kegan Etter (PV), 8.16m; 16th, Paxton Prettyman (NV), 8.06m; 17th, Roger Wolf (NN), 7.71m

Discus Throw – 1st, Jacob Chittum (NA), 37.58m; 2nd, Elias Alarcon (WC), 35.73m; 3rd, Collin Hedlund (EA), 34.19m; 4th, Lealand Otto (PV), 32.30m; 5th, Brentyn Herron (RP), 31.26m; 6th, Jase Latham (WC), 30.77m; 7th, Noah Oswald (MC), 30.36m; 8th, Ryder Herron (RP), 29.99m; 9th, Seth Miller (A), 27.17m; 10th, Brayden Smith (EA), 25.33m; 11th, James Denny (M), 24.76m; 12th, Dillon Russell (NV), 24.49m; 13th, Kal McFarland (SH), 24.41m; 14th, Dalton Jones (MC), 22.16m; 15th, Benjamin Roller (NA), 20.61m; 16th, Andrew Wiles (A), 19.74m; 17th, Gabriel Lager (PV), 19.02m; 18th, Paxton Prettyman (NV), 18.70m; 19th, Roger Wolf (NN), 15.23m

Javelin Throw – 1st, Kyle Burke (A), 44.00m; 2nd, Jacob Chittum (NA), 41.41m; 3rd, Caleb Renfro (M), 38.36m; 4th, Eian Henderson (A), 36.73m; 5th, Brentyn Herron (RP), 35.35m; 6th, Landon Parman (NN), 30.36m; 7th, Hunter Sollars (M), 29.54m; 8th, Bracton Cook (RP), 26.26m; 9th, Dillon Russell (NV), 25.04m; 10th, Gabriel Lager (PV), 24.16m; 11th, Paxton Prettyman (NV), 24.08m; 12th, Roger Wolf (NN), 23.01m; 13th (tie), Jase Latham (WC) and Chasen Piper (SH), 22.58m; 15th, Kal McFarland (SH), 18.52m

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