A retirement reception was held Friday, April 28, 2023, for Marilyn Reed, who is retiring from the bank in Fairfax after more than 30 years.


Dorothie Seymour and Lane Seymour of Fairfax visit with Marilyn Reed at her retirement reception at Farmers State Bank in Fairfax.


Customers and staff members of the Fairfax branch of Farmers State Bank said goodbye to longtime employee Marilyn Reed Friday, April 28, 2023. A retirement reception was held that day for Marilyn with lots of goodies, lunch, and a photo trip down memory lane.

Marilyn’s history with the bank began with her wedding reception, which was held in the bank’s basement/community room. She began working at Exchange Bank of Fairfax on October 1, 1992, as an assistant cashier. When the bank became Farmers State Bank, her title changed to a customer service representative, working as a teller, helping customers operate or open their accounts, and working as your average problem solver.

After 30 years, Marilyn and her customers and coworkers became a family. Serving in the community where you live, you know almost everyone who comes through the doors. Marilyn laughed while reminiscing about her first week of work at the bank. A man she had known for years pulled up to the drive-through window and handed her a 100 dollar bill, telling her that he wanted to exchange it for six twenties. She said it took her a minute, but once she caught on, she told him to come back on the 32nd of the month and they would have a special that day, just for him, so that he could get his six twenties. Another man always seemed to be at the bank during the statewide tornado drill. He took cover with them so many times it became a tradition. Over the years, the bank took part in fun-filled Halloween festivities, and Marilyn always enjoyed greeting the bank’s customers in festive attire.

Marilyn is looking forward to retirement. She plans on enjoying spending more time with her family and her garden and hopes to travel.