The East Atchison girls’ high school track team claimed the Class 1 District 8 championship Saturday, May 6. Members of the team, from left to right, are: front row – Dalaynie Drummond, Grace Oswald, Kendal Straub, Bresayda Jimenez, Dylan Drummond, Olivia Schaefer, Alexis Bywater, and Kennedy White; and back row – Jayla Irvine, Rainy Nordhausen, Claire Martin, Addison Noland, Tommi Martin, Payton Woodring, Lizzie Schlueter, Natalie Hedlund, and Faith Anderson.


Faith Anderson took first place with a jump of 1.66 meters or 5’5.25”. The second place measurement was 4’10.25”. Faith also won the 300 meter hurdles, and ran on the winning 4×200 and 4×400 meter relay teams.


Tommi Martin took the early lead to win the 800 meter run in a time of 2:25.81. She also won the javelin and ran on the winning 4×400 and 4×800 meter relay teams.


Jarrett Spinnato ran well on Saturday, finishing with a first place finish in the 200 meter dash in a time of 22.99 and second in the 100 meter dash with a time of 11.17. He also placed second in the high jump.


Rylee Jenkins continues to win the discus as she threw 36.71 meters or 120’5”.


Lizzie Schlueter and Ella Meyerkorth battle it out to the end in the 100 meter hurdles, with Ella getting the win with a time of 15.92. Lizzie was second with a time of 16.22.


The 300 meter hurdles saw a first, second and third place run from Atchison County with Faith Anderson (center) winning, Lizzie Schlueter (left) placing second and Ella Meyerkorth (right) placing third.


To start off the day, the East Atchison 4×800 meter relay, consisting of Grace Oswald, Claire Martin, Jayla Irvine, and Tommi Martin, walked away with a winning time of 10:35.32.


The East Atchison 4×200 meter relay placed first with a time of 1:50.88. Team members were Faith Anderson, Lizzie Schlueter, Natalie Hedlund, and Grace Oswald.


The East Atchison 4×400 meter relay brought home the gold at the end of a long day with a winning time of 4:14.57. Team members were Lizzie Schlueter, Grace Oswald, Tommi Martin, and Faith Anderson.


Caleb Lucas had a good showing as he placed second in the 3200 meter run with a time of 11:22.2 and third in the 1600 with a time of 5:05.72.


Norah Watkins ran strong in the 3200 and 1600 meter runs, placing second and third.


Lady Wolf Payton Woodring qualified for sectionals with a third place finish in the high jump. She jumped 4’8.75”.


Advancing on to sectionals is the Rock Port girls’ 4×800 meter relay, placing third with a time of 10:53.21. Team members were Norah Watkins, Mikayla Makings, Rylee Jenkins, and Avery Meyerkorth.


The Rock Port 4×400 meter relay placed third with a time of 10:53.21. Team members were Ella Meyerkorth, Jacoby Driskell, Mikayla Makings, and Avery Meyerkorth.


Jayla Irvine placed fourth in the 3200 meter run with a time of 14:28.55.


Brentyn Herron had a throw of 35.37 meters or 116’ to place fourth in the discus.


Collin Hedlund finished fourth in the shot put and qualified for sectionals with a throw of 12.28 meters or 40’3.50”.


West Platte High School in Weston, Missouri, was the host site for the MSHSAA Class 1 and 2 District 8 Track Meet. The weather was good and it showed in the performances. The East Atchison girls had a dominating performance for the day with Faith Anderson and Tommi Martin bringing home four golds each. The EA girls scored 116 points to second place Rock Port with 83.

In total East Atchison qualified 11 athletes in 14 events and Rock Port qualified eight in 12 events. The top four from each district qualify for the Class 1, Sectional 4 Track Meet Saturday, May 13, at Plattsburg High School, Plattsburg, Missouri.

Results for the East Atchison (EA) and Rock Port (RP) athletes are as follows:


100 Meter Dash – 7th, Natalie Hedlund (EA), 13.55; 13th, Jayme McEnaney (RP), 14.47; 14th, Kylie Nuckolls (RP), 14.48

200 Meter Dash – 11th, Kylie Nuckolls (RP), 30.19; 13th, Jayme McEnaney (RP), 30.33; 14th, Kennedy White (EA), 30.47; 20th, Addison Noland (EA), 32.87

400 Meter Dash – 8th, Kennedy White (EA), 1:12.37; 10th, Cali Driskell (RP), 1:30.24

800 Meter Run – 1st, Tommi Martin (EA), 2:25.81; 3rd, Avery Meyerkorth (RP), 2:32.77; 6th, Ella Meyerkorth (RP), 2:43.93

1600 Meter Run – 3rd, Norah Watkins (RP), 5:51.16; 10th, Emma Teten (RP), 7:46.34; 11th, Kendal Straub (EA), 7:51.68; 12th, Alexis Bywater (EA), 8:10.57

3200 Meter Run – 2nd, Norah Watkins (RP), 13:23.98; 4th, Jayla Irvine (EA), 14:28.55

100 Meter Hurdles – 1st, Ella Meyerkorth (RP), 15.92; 2nd, Lizzie Schlueter (EA), 16.22; 12th, Payten Shrader (RP), 20.77

300 Meter Hurdles – 1st, Faith Anderson (EA), 46.53; 2nd, Lizzie Schlueter (EA), 47.89; 3rd, Ella Meyerkorth (RP), 48.21; 9th, Jacoby Driskell (RP), 55.80

4×100 Meter Relay – 4th, East Atchison (Dylan Drummond, Natalie Hedlund, Claire Martin, Payton Woodring), 54.95; 6th, Rock Port (Kylie Nuckolls, Addison Maifeld, Jacoby Driskell, Jayme McEnaney), 56.53

4×200 Meter Relay – 1st, East Atchison (Grace Oswald, Natalie Hedlund, Lizzie Schlueter, Faith Anderson), 1:50.88; 5th, Rock Port (Kylie Nuckolls, Addison Maifeld, Rylee Jenkins, Jayme McEnaney), 2:01.44

4×400 Meter Relay – 1st, East Atchison (Faith Anderson, Tommi Martin, Grace Oswald, Lizzie Schlueter), 4:14.57; 3rd, Rock Port (Jacoby Driskell, Mikayla Makings, Ella Meyerkorth, Avery Meyerkorth), 4:23.98

4×800 Meter Relay – 1st, East Atchison (Grace Oswald, Claire Martin, Dylan Drummond, Tommi Martin), 10:35.32; 3rd, Rock Port (Norah Watkins, Mikayla Makings, Rylee Jenkins, Avery Meyerkorth), 10:53.21

High Jump – 1st, Faith Anderson (EA), 5’5.25”; 3rd, Payton Woodring (EA), 4’8.75”

Pole Vault – 5th, Grace Oswald (EA), 8’.5”; 6th, Dalaynie Drummond (EA), 7’.5”; 7th, Payten Shrader (RP), 7’.5”

Long Jump – 5th, Natalie Hedlund (EA), 14’9.25”; 10th, Bresayda Jimenez (EA), 13’7.50”; 16th, Payten Shrader (RP), 12’2.5”; 19th, Lilly Pankau (RP), 10’11.5”

Triple Jump – 10th, Jacoby Driskell (RP), 29’1.25”; 12th, Addison Noland (EA), 27’.5”; 15th, Emma Teten (RP), 22’9.75”

Shot Put – 6th, Mikayla Makings (RP), 31’08.5”; 9th, Rainy Nordhausen (EA), 27’5.5”; 14th, Cali Driskell (RP), 26’1.75”; 20th, Olivia Schaefer (EA), 21’2.5”

Discus Throw – 1st, Rylee Jenkins (RP), 120’5”; 9th, Mikayla Makings (RP), 87’2”; 19th, Rainy Nordhausen (EA), 62’9”; 23rd, Olivia Schaefer (EA), 51’1”

Javelin Throw – 1st, Tommi Martin (EA), 128’10”; 3rd, Rylee Jenkins (RP), 107’8”; 5th, Addison Maifeld (RP), 98’4”; 17th, Rainy Nordhausen (EA), 70’8”


100 Meter Dash – 2nd, Jarrett Spinnato (EA), 11.17; 14th, Bracton Cook (RP), 12.82; 18th, Lane Mason (RP), 13.18

200 Meter Dash – 1st, Jarrett Spinnato (EA), 22.99; 10th, Bracton Cook (RP), 26.11; 12th, Phillip Herron (RP), 26.22

400 Meter Dash – 11th, Lane Mason (RP), 1:05.93; 12th, Quentin Jackson (RP), 1:09.13

800 Meter Run – 10th, Gus Heintz (RP), 2:29.92; 15th, Isaac Vette (EA), 2:51.30

1600 Meter Run – 3rd, Caleb Lucas (RP), 5:05.72; 8th, Ian Stepp (EA), 5:36.67

3200 Meter Run – 2nd, Caleb Lucas (RP), 11:22.20; 5th, Daniel Lesher (EA), 12:00.72; 7th, Quin Staten (EA), 12:55.73

300 Meter Hurdles – 5th, Phillip Herron (RP), 44.86; 10th, Trulin Pankau (RP), 53.86

4×200 Meter Relay – 6th, Rock Port (Phillip Herron, Bracton Cook, Gus Heintz, Trulin Pankau), 1:47.49

4×800 Meter Relay – 5th, East Atchison (Ian Stepp, Gavyn Irvine, Quin Staten, Daniel Lesher), 9:44.09; 6th, Rock Port (Bracton Cook, Phillip Herron, Gus Heintz, Caleb Lucas), 10:17.11

High Jump – 2nd, Jarrett Spinnato (EA), 6’.5”

Pole Vault – 5th, Gus Heintz (RP), 9’.25”; 7th, Gavyn Irvine (EA), 9’.25”

Long Jump – 5th, Owen DeRosier (EA), 18’8.5”; 17th, Logan Lomax (RP), 14’1”

Triple Jump – 6th, Gavyn Irvine (EA), 35’9.25”

Shot Put – 4th, Collin Hedlund (EA), 40’3.5”; 9th, Ryder Herron (RP), 35’8”

Discus Throw – 4th, Brentyn Herron (RP), 116’; 5th, Collin Hedlund (EA), 114’1”; 14th, Ryder Herron (RP), 75’7”

Javelin Throw – 5th, Brentyn Herron (RP), 121’9”; 16th, Trulin Pankau (RP), 69’9”