Jayla Irvine medaled with an 11th place finish and time of 24:53.56. (MaryAnn Hull photos)


Ian Stepp placed 26th with a time of 21:38.24.


Brooklyn Wennihan placed 22nd with a time of 27:26.71.


Connor Morton placed 43rd with a time of 24:45.27.


The East Atchison junior high and high school cross country teams traveled to Tecumseh, Nebraska, to compete Friday, September 1, 2023. The high school Wolves placed fifth as a team. The high school Lady Wolves placed third as a team with Jayla Irvine medaling. Even though they didn’t calculate junior high scores, the junior high Lady Wolves placed first with Mikayla Windham earning a medal as the top runner. This is the first time East Atchison has ever had a full junior high team (a full team in Nebraska is four runners, while in Missouri it is five). Individual stats for East Atchison follow:




Girls – 11th, Jayla Irvine, 24:53.56; 22nd, Brooklyn Wennihan, 27:26.71; 24th, Bella Bywater, 27:53.96; 28th, Abbie Harms, 28:37.39; 33rd, Alexis Bywater, 29:30.25; and 37th, Emmy Laur, 34:05.40

Boys – 22nd, Clayton Vernon, 21:07.07; 26th, Ian Stepp, 21:38.24; 34th, Quin Staten, 22:31.51; 42nd, Cole Anderson, 24:32.16; 43rd, Connor Morton, 24:45.27; 47th, Mason Kingery, 25:21.26


Boys – 20th, Isaac Vette, 29:42.14; 25th, Kendall Kingery, 35:44.29


2,500 METERS

Girls – 1st, Mikayla Windham, 12:00.6; 6th, Gracie Walker, 12:44.7; 7th, Sophie Hegstrom, 12:45.3; 24th, Kaylee Allen, 17:33.6

Boys – 30th, Ben Rolf, 12:51.56; 40th, Owen Vette, 14:45.04