Little Miss Firecracker is Ivy Daugherty, daughter of Drake and Kim Daugherty, and Little Mr. Firecracker is Case Larson, son of Derek and Betsy Larson. The Rock Port Music Department hosted the baby show and Little Mr. and Miss Firecracker Thursday, July 4, at the Rock Port City Park.


Babies in the 0-6 months group, from left to right, were: Millie Holecek, daughter of Kayden Holecek and Shelbey Morris, 1st; Livia Pierpoint, daughter of Emma Pankau and Spencer Pierpoint, Soundest Sleeper; Maisyn Jones, daughter of Tyler and Taya Jones, 2nd; Mia Erdman, daughter of Jacob and Madison Erdman, Cutest Eyes; and Kace Wittmann, son of Zach and Leslie Wittmann, Best Hair.


Babies in the 7-12 months group, from left to right, were: Maddie Keebler, daughter of Lucas and Lindsay Keebler, 1st; Levi Beatty, son of Trevor and Ashtyn Beatty, 2nd; Barrett Sons, son of Devon and Mikaela Sons, Mr. USA; and Bray William Baughman, son of Josh and Brooklyn Baughman, Best Smile.


Children in the 1 and 2 years group, from left to right, were: Maverick Palmer, son of Jamie Lansdown and Dillan Palmer, Best Shirt; Cyrah Sloop, daughter of Codie Sloop and Cait Ward, Miss USA; Chet Sloop, son of Jeremy and Paige Sloop, Chubby Cheeks; Luxtyn Daugherty, son of Drake and Kim Daugherty, Mr. Congeniality; Gianinna Morton, daughter of Hailey Morton, 1st; Penelope Hale, daughter of Trevor and McKenzie Hale, Cutest Curls; Audrey Thomas, daughter of Tyler and Kayla Thomas, Best Outfit; Bentley Alitz, son of Austin and Madison Alitz, Most Helpful; Dae Wittmann, son of Zach and Leslie Wittmann, Most Patient; Micah Jones, daughter of Tyler and Taya Jones, Best Accessorized; and Jameson Chard, son of Nate and Kelsey Chard, 2nd.


Children in the 3 and 4 years group, from left to right, were: Jaelynn Smith, daughter of Makayla Smith, Most Confident; Autumn Lingerfelt, daughter of Andrew and Ashlynn Lingerfelt, Best Smile; Cici Larson, daughter of Derek and Betsy Larson, 1st; Beau Betty, son of Trevor and Ashtyn Beatty, Best Outfit; Adalyn Sipes, daughter of Hayley and Jordan Sipes, 2nd; Ethan Sons, son of Devon and Mikaela Sons, Mr. Show-Stopper; and Mya Wittmann, daughter of Zach and Leslie Wittmann, Prettiest Eyes.


Audrey Thomas looks very patriotic at the park as she goes down the slide with mom and dad, Kayla and Tyler.


This “young” team won the Old vs. Young Softball Tournament at the Rock Port 4th of July Celebration in the Park. Members of the winning team, from left to right, were: front row – Maggie Osburn, Lizzie Schlueter, Tayden Cook, Dylan Kemerling, Dylan Lair, and Westyn Amthor; and back row – Alex Mattson, Case Millsap, Tony Osburn, and Aidan Burke. Ryder Herron is not pictured. 


Competing on one of the “old” teams, from left to right, were: front row – Clayton Amthor, Emily Graham, Betsy Larson, Thea Lewis, Kim Daugherty, Breanna VanSickle, Taya Jones, and Tyler Jones; and back row – Drake Daugherty, Derek Larson, Drew Ellison, Gracie Mobley, Michael Graves, and Dillon Smith.


Members of an “old” team, from left to right, were: front row – Madison Alitz, Stephanie Parsons, Tabitha McNeely, Jason Lewis, Jeff Geib, and Ashley Grossman; and back row – Clay Vogler, Jordan Shrader, Trystan Lair, Ransom Lair, Wyatt Amthor, Brett Johnson, and Troy Cook.


Competing on one of the “young” teams, from left to right, were: front row – Blaise Krogen, Cy Vogler, Harper Roup, and Briar Daugherty; middle row – Luke Morey, Cooper Daugherty, Grady Cook, Isaac Shimmel, and Archer Meyerkorth; and back row – Myrle Cunningham, Billy Daugherty, and Jacob McKenney.


Drew Ellison reaches for first as Brett Johnson throws the ball over to first baseman Wyatt Amthor.


Pictured above are all three teams that took part in the Young vs. Old Sand Volleyball Tournament. This year’s winner was the white team. Pictured, from left to right, are: front row – blue team: Grant Spiegel, Grady Cook, Blaise Kroeger, Talyn Amthor, Reese Herron, and Jovie Millsap; second row – white team: Dylan Lair, Westyn Amthor, Rachel Vogler, Chaney Vogler, Riley Vogler, and Tatum Vogler; and back row – red team: Jacob Masonbrink, Clayton Amthor, Paige Sloop, Caitlyn Ward, Kim Daugherty, and Paige Masonbrink.


Grant Spiegel flips the ball back over the net.


We hope you had a chance to listen to Tyler Folkerts while he performed at the city park on the 4th of July.


Rock Port’s FFA food stand was visited by many who were at the park on July 3rd.


Sheriff candidates Andy Riley and Tyson Gibbons get a chance to visit on July 3rd at the Rock Port City Park.


Lilly Pankau, Alley Sharpless, Kinleigh Daugherty, and Garrett Carpenter were set up and ready for the fireworks display at the park.


Macoy Ridley tests out the slide on the bounce house.


Sadie Chaney enjoys a ring pop before taking a ride on the train.


When you don’t have a microphone, use the next best thing: a bomb pop.


Jordyn Jakub and her grandmother get everyone buckled in for a train ride at the Rock Port City Park.


The pool games included a balloon toss game.


The Rock Port fireworks were sponsored by the Rock Port Chamber of Commerce and the Rock Port Tourism Board.


The Krutz crew put on a pre-show at their elevator in Rock Port.


Thanks to the generosity of the community, the Rock Port Chamber raised $8,865 for this year’s fireworks show. Donations received as of July 8, 2024, include:

Rock Port Tourism Board – $5,000

Stephanie True – $25

Clodfelter Insurance – $250

Bud & Kay Harger – $100

Shirley Cook – $25

Mike & Fran Minter – $100

David & Julia Shrader – $50

Pam Henderson – $50

Tom Proudfit – $40

Wayne & Connie Shandy – $100

Dan & Janette Stanton – $50

Sally & Melvin Moore – $175

Demien & Tawni Ellis – $25

Marilyn McMahon – $25

Matt & Stephanie Dearmont – $100

Ron & Kay Deatz – $25

Stephen & Tabitha Waigand – $25

Stella Pyeatt – $500

Regan & Sheila Griffin – $500

Charlee Garst – $250

Lee Roy Sickman & Jan Taylor – $50

Anonymous – $50

Jacque Gayle Gebhards – $25

Atchison County Mail – $100

Citizens Bank & Trust – $100

Todd & Tricia Stevens – $100

Rock Port Cablevision – $250

Midwest Data Center – $250

NorthwestCell – $500

Butch & Jane Lutz – $25